Curse Cum Extreme

Voiced in a strongly dominant manner this hypnosis file makes it nearly impossible to keep from eating your own cum every time you orgasm.  EMG reaches deeply into your mind to create the deepest obsession with consuming your own cum(and that of others) that he possibly can.  This file has 2 layers of vocals plus a binaural background to make it even more effective.

The File can be purchased here: Curse Cum Extreme

Public Accidents

This hypnosis file causes you to have accidents in public wetting your clothes without the ability to get to the bathroom before it happens, the only way to avoid it is to wear diapers in public.  The file leaves the listener afraid that this will happen and makes it inevitable should you go out without a diaper.

The File can be purchased here  Public Accidents

Forced to be a sissy

This hypnosis file isn't nice, it doesn't pull any punches.  EMG pushes into your mind and forces you to be a little sissy faggot whether you want to be one or not.  You personal desires are irrelevant, your free will is circumvented as I force my way into your mind and make you into the sort of sissy I want you to be.

The File can be purchased here: Forced to be a Sissy

Trig Passenger

This hypnosis file takes you down and makes you a passenger in your own body whenever someone triggers you with "Passenger Time" and your first name.  You remain a passenger in your body where even the simplest action takes a massive exercise of will until they say "revert to normal".  In the event something beyond your limits occurs you will find yourself back in control, but otherwise you will have no say, only able to experience what happens to it until you are reverted.

The file can be downloaded here: Trig Passenger

Childish Words

This age regression file can only be triggered by the listener, but every time someone else uses a childish word around you it makes you need to use the trigger a little more.  Words like baby, little, childish, brat, tantrum make you slowly feel smaller and smaller inside until you have to trigger yourself at which point you regress back to the age the words make you feel, possibly even a baby and stay that way until you're ready to be an adult again. 

The File can be purchased here: Childish Words