Curse Extreme Hourglass

Ever dream of that perfect hourglass figure?  Ever want it to be more than perfect?  Ever want it to be downright extreme?  If so then this is the file for you, it rearranges your body until your tits ans ass are as huge as can be and your waist is positively tiny.  This IS a curse, don't listen lightly.  You have been warned.


If this is the file you want, go here:  Curse Obscene Hourglass

Humiliated Premature Ejaculator

This file will cause premature ejaculation, so much so that sex will eventually become nearly impossible and every time you try it will just humiliate you more and more.  An endless cycle of shame and humiliation as you never manage to please a partner sexually again.

Click here to view/purchase the file: Humiliated Premature Ejaculator

Growing Diaper Obsession

This file leads the listener from no interest in diapers all the way to having to wear them 24/7 and use them.  It starts with a simple interest that grows and grows until the listener cannot be without them.  An obsession that takes you from beginning to end in such simple steps.

Click here to view/purchase the file: Growing Diaper Obsession

I am Messy

Sometimes the simple truths are the most powerful. This file works one simple phrase "I am messy" so deeply into your mind that you will find yourself wetting and messing uncontrollably.

Click here to view/purchase the file: I am Messy

Tran Slave Redux

In this hypnosis file EMG reworks his popular Train Slave file.  This is not just a re-recording in a studio environment, it is a complete re-imagination of the original files.  Instead of separate file for male and female slaves, this file is intended for either sex, making you come to realize that you exist to serve and please a Master or Mistress.  The file reworks your needs and desires making you fully ready to serve another whether you already have a Master/Mistress now or are just preparing yourself to serve another later this file will help reshape how you think of yourself.

You can download it here:  Tran Slave Redux