Boyhood 3

This hypnosis file speaks to your subconscious, making it so any time you wear a diaper it brings you back to when you were young and being potty trained.  The act of wearing a diaper will cause you to wet and mess like you did back then and doing so will reinforce your boyhood keeping the file constantly fresh in your mind. 

This file was posted to my patreon account last month:

Click here to view it: Boyhood 3

Simple Induction

The Name says it all, this was done later in the day at the same studio space as the Focus Induction.  It's a bit cleaner and will be used for a few files I expect to post sometime in April.  This file has no awakening at the end so be aware of that before listening.

You can download it here: Simple Induction

Spouse Trainer - Please Your Partner

This file is intended to make the listener desire to please their partner.  A simple goal and a good place to start if you're trying to get your partner into some of the more devious files that will come in this series.

This one trains them to connect your pleasure with their pleasure so that they want, then need to see that you are pleased at all times.  Sexually, or in any other way you might desire.  Your pleasure is literally their pleasure.

Initially posted on my patreon page:

Download it here: Spouse Trainer - Please Your Partner

Focus Induction

This is a simple focus based induction that I've done before, I reworked it in a studio environment as practice using their equipment. There is no awakening with this file so be forewarned.

You can download it here: Focus Induction

Iphone/Ipad Support

Ok, it's not a new file, but I have updated the site so that you can now play files on your iPhone/iPad.  It may take a bit to download the file before it starts playing but they will now play properly.

There will be more new files soon.  I may be getting access to a professional recording space which should help with a variety of problems.