Dark Fantasy - Used Sissy

This hypnosis file takes you down and makes you go through the experience of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Imagine that you step into a bar one night and quickly discover that the men in there can just see that you're a sissy.  They know it and they use you for their pleasure stripping you of your manhood and passing you around between them.  This file makes you experience that and leaves you wondering, possibly even hoping that it will happen to you.

The File can be purchased here: Dark Fantasy - Used Sissy

Slavery Is Chastity

This file was inspired by last months free online hypnotic session.  Sadly my attempts to record it failed, so I recorded this instead.  It enslaves the listener to the person of their choice, forcing them into both slavery and chastity for the person that owns them and their orgasms.  After listening you will tell the person you wish to own you "I give you my key"  at which point they will own your mind, body, and orgasms.  Future sessions will be announced on the WMM Discord each month.

Download this file free here: Slavery Is Chastity

You Wet Your Bed

This hypnosis file takes you down and makes you imagine what it would be like to wet your bed and then slowly turnes that possibility into a reality.  It's that simple, you wet your bed and it's going to happen every night from now on.

This file can be purchased here: You Wet Your Bed

You Belong To ME

This hypnosis file is crafted in a very dominant format, this file drills into your mind one simple truth, that you belong to me.  Mind and body enslaved to only one owner, EMG.  This file isn't for everyone, it destroys who you were and simply makes you a tool to use as I desire.  Listen at your own risk.

The File can be purchased here: You Belong to ME