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Forced to be Feminine

In this curse file EMG hypnotizes and then forcibly feminizes you.  He takes control of your subconscious and subverts your free will while feminizing you for his own pleasure/amusement.  To him you aren't a man, just a Sissy Faggot that deserves to be made into a woman whether you want to be or not.  This file isn't nice, it doesn't give you a choice it just forces you to dress like a woman for EMG's amusement.

WARNING:  This file may make you post a feminized picture of yourself.

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I Can't be a Bimbo

This Hypnosis file reminds you that the more you fight something the truer it may be.  I can't be a Bimbo starts with the logic that you aren't one and slowly convinces you that you are and that being a Bimbo is the only inevitable choice for someone who willingly listens to this file.  It is addictive and evil.

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Feminization Logic Trap

For whatever reason you chose to listen to this hypnosis file, you chose to accept what it might do to you and now bit by bit it uses logic to feminize you more and more until you can't be any other way.  Half an inch from a curse, this file is devious in it's relentless logic.


Comfortable in Women's Clothing

How about a simple file that makes the listener comfortable wearing women's clothing with no shame or embarrassment when out in public. The file would give the listener a feeling of confidence in wearing skirts, dresses, underwear, makeup, etc,. and make them feel so natural that nothing feels out of the ordinary allowing the user to wear women's clothing in public without any kind of fear or reluctance or concerns about "passing".

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Feminizing Anal Rapist

Recorded in a studio, this file hypnotizes you makes you dream about being tied up by a woman.  She then spreads a gel on you that causes you to grow breasts  and makes your penis shrink away and become a pussy.  Then she rapes you with a large dildo making you have a female orgasm. 

For the entire day after this dream you will still feel like you have breasts and a pussy and that all of your clothing is women's clothing.  After that your life continues as normal.

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Taking Your Masculinity

In this file EMG takes you down with a new custom induction and proceeds to destroy your masculinity replacing it with feminine needs and desires. Resist all you want, the more you listen the less of a man you will be until you are totally feminized.
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Train Woman 2

In this file I completely rework the original TrainWoman file with a new cleaner version that totally transforms the listener from male to female changing both mind and body permanently.
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Your Feminine Side

Imagine your feminine side waking up and becoming much stronger. This curse file awakens it in you to such a degree that you become fully in touch with your feminine side. It will awaken your fashion sense, let you rediscover the arts and improve your fashion sense immensely. It doesn\'t change your gender or make you cross dress, it just gets you in touch with your feminine side.
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The Color Pink

You cannot escape it, the color is everywhere, and each time you see it it steals away your masculinity in a pretty pink cloud until nothing is left but a pretty pink sissy.
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Dark Fantasy - Nanobot Feminization

EMG takes you down and has you experience being feminized and enslaved by an evil Dr who uses nanobots to reprogram you body completely.
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The Sissy Inside

Maybe you always knew it, maybe you secretly want it, or perhaps you want to see your boyfriend or lover reduced to one. This file awakens the sissy inside of you and she will do anything to make you just like her.
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Your Other Half

This file builds a second but equal personality which is fully female. She doesn\'t control or dominate, instead she shares your mind and you both share experiences and life. She can even take over at times and you\'ll remember everything.
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Imaginary Feminizing Friend

Lots of people have imaginary friends when they\'re a kid. This file just takes that and enhances it, your imaginary friend is female, and she has always wanted you to be a girl just like her, and she\'ll keep at it until you are.
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Curse Feminine Touch

What\'s in a touch, well, you\'ll find out as every time you touch a woman it will be as if her femininity rubs off on you. The more contact you have, the more feminine you become. Until, eventually, the curse leaves you with your own feminine touch.


One of a series of files that allow the listener to be triggered via Twitter. The trigger is #WMMFEMININE sent from @WarpMyMind1 and when EMG sends that you will suddenly feel like the most feminine version of yourself that you can imagine. Once triggered the feeling will wear off over a minute or so.
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Feminizing Dream Stalker

A file that will make you have a feminizing dream stalker. Every night when you go to sleep, you will dream of a very sexy female stalking you. You try your best to run. If she catches you, she will tie you down, dress you up and have her way with you. When she is done, she will leave you bound where ever she has you or take you to a totally feminine bedroom and tie you to the bed.. After that, she leaves and you wake up. But when you awake, we will not be the same man you were. You will feel more feminine. You will continue to think of what happen and all of the feminine things that you were wearing in the dream plus your surroundings. It may even cause you to want to buy something in the dream or just something feminine. The next night she will be harder to resist and run from plus each time she catches you the longer the torment lasts in the dream and the more feminine she makes you feel. The same with when you wake up. You will feel more and more feminine through each encounter. The dreams keep coming each time she catches you, if she doesn\'t catch you then they wont be as strong but it all depends on your will. If you go to bed wearing something feminine then you will already be bound somewhere waiting for her to come. If in the dream, after she finishes with you, she ties you down and locks the door behind on the way out you will be trapped and your feminization be so strong that you cant resist it anymore. By the end you will be totally female or transexual, which ever your mind truely allows you to become. This will pretty much allow your will to control what you become.

Feminizing Succubus

This file would introduce males to a swarm of feminizing Succubi. They are etheric creatures that are able to penetrate their victom\'s aura and enter all chakras. From there they live by feeding off of his maleness. The hapless male victom will always be able to replenish some of his maleness, but as soon as it reaches a certain level they start feeding again leaving him at best swishy and effeminate and at worst a full blown transsexual. Once they have attached themself to a male, there is no real way to get rid of them with their male host finding himself in a downward spiral of feminization.
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Washing it All Away

There is something about a shower that just washes all the stress, all the dirt, everything away. From now on all your showers will wash all your masculinity away until there is none left.

Asking Her

This file leaves you realizing how important she is and how low you are by just leaving you asking her for just about everything.
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Dark Obsession - Sissy

They say that the clothes make a man, it your case they\\\'re going to be your un-making. Every time you listen to this file you will find your obsession with sissy clothing, sissy dress, and sissy behavior getting stronger and stronger. Can you resist your own dark obsession or will this file strip away all your masculinity leaving you nothing more than a submissive sissy boy that wears panties under his work clothes and knows how inadequate and inferior he is to real men.
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