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Curse Obscene Hourglass

Ever dream of that perfect hourglass figure?  Ever want it to be more than perfect?  Ever want it to be downright extreme?  If so then this is the file for you, it rearranges your body until your tits ans ass are as huge as can be and your waist is positively tiny.  This IS a curse, don't listen lightly.  You have been warned.

3.65385 5 26 Product

Body Swap Time

Listening to this hypnosis file causes the person to swap bodies, clothing, voice, etc., with a person or personified object of their choice which they see in either real life, a movie, or a picture. All you have to do is say Body Swap Time and choose what you want to swap with.  The transformation lasts until you say/hear Revert to Normal.  This file was recorded in a studio environment.

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Train Perfect Wife Subliminal

This subliminal is a complete update to EMG's popular Train Perfect Wife file and trains her to be the perfect wife at home and the perfect sex partner when you're alone. Completely inaudible it can be played any time.

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Dark Fantasy - Prison Bitch

Let EMG take you down and have you experience time spent as a prison bitch at a mens prison.
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Curse Sissy or Jock

This twisted little file curses the user to become either a sissy or a jock. Once you listen you will either find yourself working out daily with a passion and becoming a jock, or your masculinity will shrink away leaving you a total sissy. Which will it be? Take a chance and find out which you truly are.
3.375 5 8 Product

Office Bimbo

This file lets you experience being the office bimbo. you\'re remember a whole day of use at the hands of your Boos and his clients without any other side effects.
4 5 11 Product

7 Day Penis Shrink

After listening to this file your penis will appear to shrink away to nothing over a 7 day period leaving you with the anatomy of a ken doll. Thankfully it\'ll all be back to normal on day 8.
1.77778 5 9 Product


You decide on an effect. Then you find an item. And that\\\\\\\'s all you need. Suddenly, whenever you wear a ring, you\\\\\\\'re a girl. When you wear your collar, you\\\\\\\'re submissive. When you suck on your paci, you regress. Whatever you want. You can even decide how it effects you. For example, a hand mirror feminizes you. But how? Does carrying it around help? Or looking in it? One item can do all you want, all you have to do is write this suggestion well :)
4 5 4 Product

Dragon Transformation

When you trigger yourself with the phrase \'It\'s Dragon Time\' you will find yourself transforming into an anthropomorphic dragon and you will stay that way until you say \'Revert to Normal\'
4.16667 5 6 Product


only selftriggered by the words \"i want a new body\". similar to boobtryout, only now you have control over your whole body. wanna be a muscled stud? you slowly transform into one. wanna be a gorgeous fashion model? you slowly feel your newly accuired super sensitive breasts push out. wanna be a football player with a vagina? you now are. you can even alter your voice and behavior. wanna be some girl with a darth vader voice? no problem. al changes happen as fast or slow you want them to be. just revert to normal when you say \"revert to normal\".
3.2 5 5 Product

Horny French Maid

This file takes you deep down and turns you into a sexy woman. When you wake up you find that you are dressed like a french maid, and you are holding a feather duster in your hand, and that the handle of the duster is formed as a dildo. It is impossible to put the duster away, you will hold it in your hand all the time. You also realize that you NEED to clean up the place where you are, and that you can\'t resist that need. WHen you start the cleaning you find that cleaning makes you horny, the cleaner the place gets, the hornier you get, until after approx. 20-30 minutes you are so horny that you can\'t stop yourself from using the handle of the feather duster in your hand as the dildo it looks like, and work yourself up to a massive orgasm. When you rest after this experience you find that you are transformed back to your old self, and that the duster is gone.
3.9 5 10 Product

Tentacle Hentai (With Impregnation)

You will find your body transform into the body of a young woman. Just a moment after your transformation, something slimy like a tentacle will wrap around your head and cover your eyes, you will be unable to see anything and your eyes will be closed. Before you can move, several large tentacles will wrap around your wrists/ankles/waist and hold you down on wherever you are. You will begin to feel several dozen small worm-like creatures crawl up and swarm around all over your body while being tied down. After you are covered in worms, you will begin to feel several large tentacles crawl around your body, exploring every part of it on the outside. After they have explored most of your body, they will all simultaneously slip into your ass/vagina/mouth and begin to fuck you. They will keep ejaculating into you, your belly will start to expand (without any pain) with all of the cum thats being pumped into you. By the time that your belly is large enough to be equal to the size of a 9 month pregnant woman you will begin to feel movements in your belly. After you feel the movements in your belly, the tentacles will all slowly slip out of you and you will feel activity inside your uterus for the next two minutes. For a few minutes you will feel more and more movement in your belly. After a few minutes of constantly increasing activity inside of you, you will begin to go into labor (details given). You will be forced to give birth to a large slug like creature, there will be no pain but you will feel a lot of pressure with the thing coming out. After the birth has finished, everything will fade away and you will be back to normal.

Dragon Rising

The winning script from the August 2009 scripting contest, recorded by EMG. This file takes you down and transforms you into the dragon you know you truly are and then gives you triggers to transform in the future \"Dragon Rising\" or back \"Dragon Falling\"
3.5 5 2 Product

Curse Meerkat Furry 2

This is the second of 2 files intended to turn you into a meerkat furry where you cannot perceive your body as anything other than a meerkat furry. One was scripted by EMG, the other by a user. I\'ll let you figure out which is which.
3 5 1 Product

Trig Vampire

The name says it all. By saying "It's Vampire Time" you will become a vampire. The transformation will leave you feeling that way until you say "Vampire Time Over" And, yes, it does include powers and a hunger for blood(but only from a truly willing victim or an overly rare steak). This file is based on a script sent me by Macabre.
3.8889 5 18 Product

Curse Breast

This file is intended to cause REAL breast growth in the subject and has an addictive nature as well. The curse will last until you can get the curse removed by EMG(emg@warpmymind.com) to cure the curse. WARNING!!! This file creates a real change and has heavy obedience undertones. Before and after pictures from one user can be seen here: Before After
3.72222 5 18 Product


Makes your penis grow until it is the size and thickness you desire.
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Dark Fantasy - Male Alien Implant

Imagine yourself waking in the middle of the night with 2 aliens in your room. You're helpless and unable to move and pretty soon an alien creature enters your body and takes over your libido using it to control you... Listen at your own risk.
2.85715 5 7 Product

Pig Man Muscle Beast

Whenever the listener sees any form of gay porn they will be transformed into a muscular Pig Man that is insatiable and will do anything to achieve an orgasm. Once you cum you will change back, but will find your muscles growing even after it's over.
4.75 5 4 Product

Curse Trig Catgirl

This file is a furry file designed to cause listeners to imagine themselves as being sexy catgirls when triggered by saying "catgirl time". This file includes both imagined physical and mental changes, which means they gain some of the personality characteristics they imagine catgirls have until they say "revert to normal." It is a curse because the trigger is addictive and each time the listener triggers herself more of her catgirl personality traits remain.
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