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Curse Cum Extreme

Voiced in a strongly dominant manner this hypnosis file makes it nearly impossible to keep from eating your own cum every time you orgasm.  EMG reaches deeply into your mind to create the deepest obsession with consuming your own cum(and that of others) that he possibly can.  This file has 2 layers of vocals plus a binaural background to make it even more effective

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Curse TTD

This insidious little curse makes you create a Things To Do(TTD) list and then doesn\'t let you orgasm until the entire list is completed. Then it makes you write another one. The only way to orgasm is to finish your list and once you do you\'ll start a new one. Perfect for the procrastinator in your life.
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Curse 10 Orgasms Left

EMG twists your mind in this curse leaving you with only 10 orgasms left in your life. The good news is that every orgasm will be incredibly powerful and earth shattering. The bad news, it\'s a curse, and when they\'re done you won\'t be able to orgasm again. EVER!
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Chastity Cage

This file will encourage the listener to wear a cock cage and to actively enjoy it while suffering feelings of embarrassment and humiliation if he takes it off.

Curse Shared Orgasms

This is a couples file although it can be used alone. The person who is cursed will find themself orgasming with their partner every single time their partner cums. EVEN if you are performing oral sex or just watching them masturbate. You will simply find yourself aroused by your partners arousal and will cum when they do. This curse will make you want to pass it on to every sexual partner you have.

Curse Random Orgasms

This file will bring you to orgasm, and implant a suggestion that each an every day at a random time, you will suddenly feel your genitals being stimulated and bringing you to orgasm. The curse part is that you have no control of when and where this will happen, except that it will never happen while driving or in an environment where it could put yourself or others in danger.

Curse Blue Balls

Your erections just keep lasting longer and longer with no relief in sight. Pretty soon the need to orgasm is painful, your balls blue from the blood pooling in them. That is the curse of blue balls and only I can remove it.
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24 Hours - Chastity

Imagine listening to a file and when you wake up you find yourself trapped in your own body, looking out through your own eyes but unable to control yourself. Then imagine a 24 hour period of chastity. arousal but no release, the part of you that\'s in control driving you crazy all day long but never, EVER achieving orgasm.

Curse Ecstasy/Agony

This is a triggered curse file, and the trigger will be 'Agony and Ecstasy time for you'. The victim must be lying down and have at least 45 to 120 minutes to kill. If invoked by someone else, the victim will begin to feel as if he or she is being aroused and teased by an expert. The victim will be pleasured to the point of orgasm, but will not be able to achieve climax. These pleasurable (but frustrating) feelings will continue approximately ½ hour. Next the Agony starts. The victim will feel as if all erotic orifices are being painfully stretched and tortured. The victim's nipples will also feel as though they are being painfully pinched and twisted. These sensations will last for 15 minutes. The victim will be unable to talk or stand for the entire time. If the victim chooses to self trigger, he or she may do so. In this case, however, the times for both will be lengthened. The victim will experience the pleasure phase for 60 minutes followed by an agony phase lasting 60 minutes. Once triggered the victim cannot be un-triggered. The curse must run to completion. Of course if an emergency arises, the session will end at that point. The victim should not be allowed to have a remove curse file for at least 6 months. If the cursed waits more than 10 days between triggers it increases the time.
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This file will make the listener into a TOTAL cum slut whenever they are somewhere they feel safe. The listener may choose when they feel safe, but once they are the person[male or female] will crave as much cum as they can possibly get, they will find themselves driven to set personal records as to how many loads of cum they can get in a 24 hour period.


When you{or someone else} says the trigger "Pleasure and Punishment time for you" you will be forced to strip and then you will be bound in a position of your choice and a Mistress will first cause you 30 minutes of pleasure{no orgasm} then 30 minutes of punishment then she will lock you in a chastity belt for 12 hours. [self trigerable]

Curse Chastity Vow

This file curses you with a Vow of Chastity that cannot be relieved for 9 months. It will encourage you to dedicate yourself to the vow as well as having consequences for attempting to thwart it. It lasts 9 months and must be removed before 12 months or it becomes permanent.

Curse Castration

You will believe you have been castrated. You will no longer produce testosterone. To keep you from having sex again a curved stainless steel chastity tube with ball cage was put on you. There is no way you can remove the chastity tube. It makes it impossible to get an erection, have sex, masturbate, or play with yourself. It keeps your penis aimed down at all times making it impossible to use a urinal. This is a nine month curse, if not removed in twelve months it becomes permanent.


Lets you surpass the normal level at whitch you orgasm. It lets you build your level of arousal higher to achieve the most intense and the longest orgasm you can imagine.


Trains a man to have multiple orgasms. It also lets them choose when they cum and whether it includes ejaculate.

Cum Torture

This file glues you in place once you wake up from it and brings you to orgasm 3 times, each orgasm is more intense, almost painfully so, than the one before.


this one makes you orgasm whenever someone says the trigger which is "orgasm now" said in a strong voice or touches your elbow and says "NOW." The orgasm it causes will be uncontrollable.


This file helps the listener be able to become erect whenever they wish and stay that way as long as they desire. It also helps them hold off orgasm as long as they desire.


this file keeps you from orgasming, whenever someone says the trigger which is "orgasm denial time for you." Once triggered you will not be able to cum at all.

Curse CCP

the listener will be cursed with CCP [Continuous Cum Production] - this will lead to longer orgasms [even multiple ones]. However, even once an orgasm is reached, the curse will make the body continue to make cum. So much in fact, that the listener would have to orgasm at least every 8 hours or the load will be too great and would leak out on its own.
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