Feminizing Anal Rapist

Recorded in a studio, this file hypnotizes you makes you dream about being tied up by a woman.  She then spreads a gel on you that causes you to grow breasts  and makes your penis shrink away and become a pussy.  Then she rapes you with a large dildo making you have a female orgasm. 

For the entire day after this dream you will still feel like you have breasts and a pussy and that all of your clothing is women's clothing.  After that your life continues as normal.

The file can be found here: Feminizing Anal Rapist

Jock Trainer

This hypnosis file is intended to make you a better jock by giving your trainer absolute authority over you.  Once you have chosen someone as a trainer you will tell them 2 triggers  "I am your Trainer"  and "Your Training is over"  The moment they use the first trigger they are in charge of your body.  They can tell you what exercises to do, what to eat, when to sleep and may even command your body telling your cock "get hard" or "go soft"  they may even choose to command you to orgasm or not to.  You may be alpha to everyone else, but when you're training, your trainer is in charge.

Click here to download it: Jock Trainer

Simple Induction

The Name says it all, this was done later in the day at the same studio space as the Focus Induction.  It's a bit cleaner and will be used for a few files I expect to post sometime in April.  This file has no awakening at the end so be aware of that before listening.

You can download it here: Simple Induction

Boyhood 3

This hypnosis file speaks to your subconscious, making it so any time you wear a diaper it brings you back to when you were young and being potty trained.  The act of wearing a diaper will cause you to wet and mess like you did back then and doing so will reinforce your boyhood keeping the file constantly fresh in your mind. 

Click here to view it: Boyhood 3

Focus Induction

This is a simple focus based induction that I've done before, I reworked it in a studio environment as practice using their equipment. There is no awakening with this file so be forewarned.

You can download it here: Focus Induction