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Evil Cuckold Fantasies

This hypnosis file make the listener obsessed with being cuckolded, so obsessed that in time they only way they can get off is by masturbating while watching their partner having sex with someone else.  This file is as bad as any curse files in that it slowly destroys your sexuality reducing it to your own desperate desires to watch your partner being fucked by other, better men.

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Train Bimbo Redux

In this hypnosis file EMG reworks his popular Train Bimo file.  This is not just a re-recording in a studio environment, it is a complete re-imagination of the original file.  In this file I strip away all your complex thoughts and fill your mind with hot clothes, mindless television, looking hot and having fun.  This file is suitable for anyone that wants to be a female bimbo.

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Chewing Gum Makes You Dumb

For some people the act of chewing gum is an act of pleasure. For some it\'s a way to relieve stress. Listen to this file and it will literally empty your mind making you very happy, making you very dumb, making you want to please others but totally unable to think beyond the next bite of gum.

Yes, Chewing Gum makes you dumb and the more you chew the dumber you will be, but only while chewing gum.
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Hypnotic Chloroform

The perfect file for kinky people or people with rape fantasies. Listen to this file and afterwards if someone holds a smelly cloth over your face you will immediately feel as if you have been drugged with Chloroform. You may struggle a little but you will lose consciousness for 30 minutes or until some splashes water on your face, slaps your face or says \"Wake up Now\" The file has it\'s own unique induction and includes some emergency safeguards.

Curse Exercise or Chastity

A curse that forces you to do 30 minutes of workout per day. If you fail to exercise for those 30 minutes you will immediately feel a chastity belt being locked on you and you will be unable to cum until you have worked out. If you wait more than 36 hours between workouts then you\'ll have to workout for a full hour to get the chastity belt off. This curse can only be removed by EMG.

The HypnoChicken File

The result of me promising to do a file based on the first response to a Tweet. This file makes you lay an egg once every 10 minutes for an hour.


One of a series of files that allow the listener to be triggered via Twitter. The trigger is #WMMPICTURE sent from @WarpMyMind1 and when EMG sends that you will feel an instant desire to take a picture of yourself and post it to facebook or twitter. This file will only work if you are somewhere safe. Does not require nudity.

Tattoos Are Sexy

This makes the user more attracted to tattoos. This file would be for people who perhaps have never liked the looks of tattoos, but have a boyfriend, girlfriend, master, mistress or other who loves them, has them, or wants to get them. \nThis file is aimed more at appreciation of tattoos in general, not in covering one\'s body with tattoos.
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Zombie Slave

A slave training file designed to make the subject as much a zombie as possible, completely devoid of personality and will. The subject\\\'s default state will be of blank, emotionless obedience. He or she can \\\"fake\\\" being a normal person, for work or \\nother reasons, but will always desire to return to its owner so it can stop pretending, and resume being the mindless shell that it is. All former interests and emotions will fade away. On an unconscious level, the slave will take great pleasure and satisfaction from being a soulless drone, but consciously will feel nothing and think very little.
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Rubber Lover

This file will cause the listener to become obsessed with wearing and owning rubber clothing. The listener would begin to become sexually attracted to anyone wearing rubber, and would find themselves immediately aroused the moment they came in contact with any rubber clothing. The listener would find themselves buying as much rubber clothing as they can and wearing it as often as possible. Lastly the listener \nwould find themselves going to rubber bars and spending time around people who share their love of rubber.

The Audition

Ever fantasize about being made to audition for a part in a hypnosis video. Be careful, sometimes fantasies become reality...


Every child should have their own favorite blanket. Listen to this file and you\\\'ll find that you need one too.

EMG - Lipstick

Discover an obsession with seeing, feeling, and even wearing lipstick. The file doesn\'t feminize you, it just makes you love lipstick
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Curse Slut Who Cant Say No

After listening to this file you would never be able to turn down a sexual advance or suggestion, regardless who makes it. If anyone comes on to you in any way, you would respond in a positive way, and do whatever they want. Their age, gender, looks or whether you already know or like them are all unimportant. The moment someone comes on to you, you will have an overwhelming urge to have sex with them, and to go along with their suggestions. After you have had some form of sex, the feeling will go away until they (or someone else) makes another sexual advance. Needless to say, this could leave you in some embarrassing situations, but the file will include a suggestion to make you thoroughly enjoy any feelings of embarrassment or humiliation afterwards. You would only practice safe sex, and would not do anything illegal or that would result in injury - but apart from that anything goes, even (especially) if you regret it in the morning.
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Curse Forced Gay

This file forces the male listener to become gay. It will make it so he cannot become aroused by women and that whether it humiliates him or not he wants men's cocks.

Curse Shoe Addiction

As simple as it gets, this file will addict the listener to owning, and wearing women\'s shoes. Listen long enough and you\'ll find yourself always on the lookout for that perfect pair.

Curse Always Pregnant

A curse file that will make you believe and feel that you are pregnant all of the time for as long as you keep listening to the file, if you stop listening to the file then you start to lose the effects... The only problem is that you will have a very hard time trying to stop listening to it. ;)

Trig Itchy Time

Whenever someone triggers you with the phrase \"itchy time\" you will find your back itching horribly, painfully, relentlessly until you are reverted. The thing is, you can\'t revert yourself for an hour and if someone else triggers you then you can\'t revert yourself at all.

Mustached Life

A continuation of the Mustach Lover file that makes your mustache more a part of your life. It increases the importance of grooming and showing it off as well as entering Mustach competitions. It also encourages you to encourage others to wear one.

Curse Dancing Shoes

Applicable to either men or women, but intended for females. When the victim hears “Dance Shoes Dance” her shoes become cursed. If music is playing, she will begin shuffling her feet to the music and, shortly, break into full dance. The victim will be helpless to do anything but strut and sway to the music. During pauses between songs, she may rest or eat, however, when a new song starts, she’ll be back up dancing. She will be unable to remove her possessed shoes herself – finding them hopelessly bonded to her feet and she will not be able to describe her condition to anyone verbally. Her toe-tapping will continue until she can convince someone else to remove her afflicted footwear(throught gestures or pantomine) or until bedtime when the shoes will revert to normal and she can remove them. after tens days have lapsed between invocations, the victim must self invoke. The victim must wait a minimum of six months to have the curse removed. After one year it becomes permanent. The curse will not affect you in places where dancing would be inappropriate or while driving.
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