Accident Anxiety

This file is a lot like my accidents file but it is more powerful and leaves the listener anxious that they will have an accident whenever they are not wearing a diaper. So much so that they have a hard time going without one.

Download it here: Accident Anxiety

Gay Jock Cock Obsession

This file will create an obsession with other men's cocks, specifically those that are more muscular than you. In time it will force you to the gym where every time you stare at another man's cock it will push you to exercise harder and harder until you're the biggest man at the gym. Then your obsession will be about all the men that stare at you.

Download it here: Gay Jock Cock Obsession

Two Words

What difference can 2 words make?  Can they change you mind, can they change your life?  What can they possibly do? 

This file takes you on a voyage and at the end you will tell the person who gave it to you "Command Me."  after which you will respond with "I obey" because all you can do is obey whatever command they give you.  You won't obey anything else after that, it's a single command that you will absolutely have to obey.  The file leaves no lingering effects other than your obedience to a single command.

The question is, what will that command do, will it just be a little fun, or will it change your life.

Download it and find out:

Two Words

Oh, and my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. since I did supply the file :)

Curse Gradual Feminization

This curse file will gradually feminize you by forcing you to make changes to your clothing and looks.  It will start small forcing you from your current underwear to panties but will eventually push you to the point where you cannot wear anything but women's clothing.  There is no stopping it, there is no going back, you have been warned.

Download it here: Curse Gradual Feminization

Autumn Leaf Induction

Over the coming weeks I intend to post at least 1 new file a week.  This is where I started, just a simple induction that should leave you feeling pretty good.  Just follow the link below and you'll get to the file:

Autumn Leaf Induction