EMG's Favorite MC Stories - P(1)

P. T. A. - Automatons, not my thing but this one was fun anyway.
The PA - Sometimes you blunder onto MC, sometimes it works, sometimes it works TOO well.  This may have been exactly what he needed, but never what he wanted.
The Package - This story is well written, but wandered out of my personal tastes and I stopped halfway through.
Pain For Power - This story is fucked up, it's well written but fucked up.  That's all I have to say.
Paint Dries When You’re Having Fun - Ok, this one is simply a bit on the bizarre side, but I liked it.
Painting - I enjoyed how the author did this as if it were the MCer talking to his victim.
Painting — First Person - The author Darkmind rewrites his Painting story in 2 different ways, both as good as the first.  I'm impressed.
Paradise Springs - Not bad, an enjoyable trip to the spa for 3 friends that changes their lives.
Paranoid Little Town - Yep, banning mind controllers will just push them underground, you'll never find us now.
A Parasitical Tale - not a big parasite fan, but I enjoyed how this one unfolded.
Partners - Sorry folks, no real sex, but I like how the tension builds in this story.
Party Planning - Wow, who knew that party planning could be so fun.  Not sure what got into her but her 18th birthday party was a blast.
A Party to Forget - Creepy guy draws a girl in by seducing/using her friends.  Nicely done.
Passing Encounters - An interesting version of mind control, you almost feel a bit sad for the controller.
Passion Grades - We definitely need more girls schools just like this one.
Path of Resistance - Sometimes you have to make sure your MC takes hold completely, once you do that's another story :)
Pathetique - I like how this one played out, the MCee trying to find the guy that did it to her was a fun read.
Patience - Always beware of wishes, they are universally trouble.  Still the author did a great job with this and made me laugh a few times.
Patient 614 - Ahh, this is what it's like when the patients run the asylum :)
The Patron and the Saint - Definitely a twisted tale of to MCers that do a battle of wills each time they're together.  A good bit of humiliation and hot sex, Tax and Tithe did well.
Pavlov Gizmo Training - A nice story, I enjoyed the battle the Mcee fought internally.  The main character has a lot to learn, and the story is sadly incomplete.
Payback Time - A revenge story, a VERY VERY hot revenge story.  Good job Mesmerr
Payback’s a Bitch - A nice little turned tables story, not enough sez though.
The Pendant - Is it REALLY MC if it turns out they really really want it?  Fun either way.
The Perfect Body (Rinky Dink) - This is a fun one, no matter how hard anyone tries they can't seem to keep these two properly under control.  Rinky Dink told a fun story.
The Perfect Costume - The clothes make the man.  They can also make the slave :)
A Perfect Couple - A nice little story about perfecting yourself with nanobots.
The Perfect Day - Ground hogs day meets Gypsy curse.  Gotta watch what you say round them gypsies.
The Perfect Proposal - While well written, this is not the kind of MC I like.  The story was a bit too malicious for my taste.
Perfect Wishes - An excellent story, Billy_Ray77 is a good writer and the characters have depth which can be a nice change.
A Perfect World - I nice little revenge story, plenty of sex.  I think I read this years ago as everything seemed familiar.
Personal Ad - Be careful what person ads you respond to, they might just be real.

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - Q

Quality Control - Hmm, I guess it is possible for there to be a king bee :)  Nicely done.
Quality Control (Jukebox) - Another great story from Jukebox, we need more customer service hotlines like this.
Quantum of Horace - A fun story involving witches and specters and sex
Queen’s English - Katie definitely met a mind controller whom enjoys humiliation.  Fun read.
A Question of Lust - I've read stories of the wicked sexual game-show variety before.  This one is definitely one of the best.
Questions of Ownership - I really enjoyed this story, a good combination of hot and fun that made me smile.  Cafetray did a great job.
Quick - A genuinely interesting story, yes there is sex and MC but it's mostly just a good story.
Quiet on the Set - Short and sweet a fun quick read
Quizmaster Deluxe for SINtendo Whee! - Another visit to the SINtendo Whee

There were only 55 stories so it was a quick work through.  Jukebox wins the letter with more stories than anyone else(by a wide margin 8 of the 55 were his)

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - R(2)

Rescuing Catherine - Some evil mind controllers are actually evil and get what they deserve.
Resolve - Resolving to do something and doing it are never the same thing :)
Retirement - So, this is what you do when you're an evil mind controller and you retire.  Good to see he's keeping the business in the family.
Return - Ok, this is not a sexual story, but it's a good story, and a part of me sees myself in the former Master.  I could do those things, I just have never had a reason.  Darkmind may be one of the best writers on the site.
The Return - This is a fucked up story, and while there is some hot sex, there's plenty of nasty and an evil revenge(well deserved)
Reunion (Allister Remm) - Another story of a good MCer, I enjoyed this one quite a bit because it wasn't the usual girl tries to save sister and get's enslaved against her will too.  This one made her own choice with "a little help"
Revenge! (Iggy) - That is an evil game and as always one best not to play.
Revisited - I am not sure I have words to describe this story, there's something deep and disturbing about it and I don't believe I understand it, but it was well written and hot in places.
The Reward - I believe I read this story a long time ago, I enjoyed it then and again now.  Sadly, it is incomplete just as it was getting good.
Rewind - Not bad, always be careful messing with time to fix a relationship, it may not work out as planned.
Rewrite - Magic pen lets a young man rewrite reality.  Simple, but fun
The Right Boss For Her - Don't see a lot of stories where the MCer makes their subject more dominant.  Twisted but well done.
Rigid - Always keep your best MC under lock and key or you never know who will accidentally use it.
The Riverglen High School Beauty Pageant and Charity Auction - As Captain Hammer once said, not my usual thing, but nice.
The Road Not Taken - An interesting story involving alternate realities.  Kinda wish it was longer.
Road Trip (Dr. Quoll) - Hmm, plenty of sex, well written, but not really my thing, the author is obviously fairly intellectual and you can fee it in his writing.
Roadmap to Piece - Sometimes we have to make a deal with the devil to get what we want, sometimes there are sacrifices.  This girl is one of them.
Room and Board - Not a bad story, I could swear I have read it before, that ot it's very similar to another I've read.
Roulette (sara castle) - Let's see, revenge is a dish best served insanely hot!!!  Well done!
Rubber Ball - rubber dolls aren't my thing, but I enjoyed the way this story played out.
Running On Empty - Gas fumes, now there's something I didn't imagine would be useful to knock someone out.

And that's the end of the R's, I didn't find as many good stories in this letter as I'm used do, probably just luck.  Next up Q which I'll probably get through in a week or less, there just aren't that many stories.

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - R(1)

The R111 Effect - Not a huge symbiot fan, but any story done well can be enjoyable and this one definitely was.
Rabid - This is why I never visit old gypsies, prophecies are just too dangerous.
Radio Flyer - Sometimes all your MC device needs is the proper carrying case, or wagon in this case.
The Rain - This is the kind of old man I want to be :)  A "perfect" gentleman.
Rapacious - A very enjoyable story that sadly has no ending, but the 9 parts it does have are a good romp.
Read All Instructions Before Use - Always beware of deals with infernal powers(and used car salesmen)
Read The Fucking Manual - A fun read, I enjoyed it, and I'm sure we all wish there were some sort of owners manual for women :)
A Real Handy Gift - I enjoyed how the MCer let his victims realize how much trouble they were in and slowly took more and more control.
Reality Changer’s - I enjoy how the reality changing went both ways in this story.
Really Deep - Short and sweet, a nice bit of trance to take her mind and body :)
Rebuilding the Herd - Transformation stories aren't usually my first choice, but this one included some nice revenge and she deserved it :)
The Reconstruction of Stephanie - Not nearly enough sexual content, but I enjoyed the story.
Red or Blue Membership? - Hmm, I think I need to start a club like this :)  Nicely written.
The Red Room (jenovacaine) - I love the way the character in this is struggling against herself after waking up in a strange place.  it just works!
Red Shod Girl - A very twisted little revenge story involving some dancing shoes.  Remind me never to piss Sacrip off.
Redder - I enjoyed this story, never seen a gypsy curse quite like that but I definitely like it.
Redefining Perfect - As revenge stories go, this one ia TWISTED, sorry not terribly sexual, but the author PavlovsBelle wrote one heck of a story.
Redheads Waiting - Very VERY incestuous, I'm afraid they've all become a very naughty family.
Reel Life - Nice little revenge story that turns an up and coming actress into a slut
Reflexology - Feet are not my fetish(mine are special ugly), but I enjoyed how the main character was controlled by her "friend"
Regression Therapy: Jill’s Story - I've always been an evil hypnotist, this guy's a LOT more evil than me.
Reina Returns Home - This story is a bit odd, but the Japanese girl talking all her friends into being sluts like her is quite hot.
Rekindled - Some old friends are simply unforgettable(no matter how hard you try).  softi does a great job on this one.
Relatable - I try not to list too many incomplete stories, but this one was good fun(no real sex), I liked how the author had people reading what he wrote and losing themselves in the characters.  it needs to go a LOT further :)
Relax and Obey - Not a bad story, but I love the description of the story itself.  100% straight to the point.
Relaxation Therapy - I enjoyed this one quite a bit, and I'm hoping the author adds more.
Reluctance - This is the kind of Mind controller I want to be when I grow up ;)
The Remote Process - The biggest battle a MCer ever has, with their own conscious(assuming they have one, I had mine put down years ago)
Requiem for a Slave - There is no sex here, it is what it says it is, the Requiem for a slave, and it's beautiful.  Darkmind thank you for writing this.

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - S(5)

Square Peg - Sometimes Mind control works both ways, 2 different methods, 4 different girls.  Lots of fun.
Stanley’s Science Project - Stanley definitely deserves an A, he's VERY convincing.
Straightening Things Out (DocBoss1) - Chapter 1 says it all, be careful what you wish for.  Nicely done DocBoss1
The Stranger - Love can take some strange turns, even stranger with hypnosis.  Made me smile.
Strings - I am not really into puppets, but this was well written and quite enjoyable
Stroll - I enjoyed this story, but I have my own Rose so that may have had something to do with it.  Still, I do wonder how she would react to it :)
Study Day - Nicely written, I like the Dr's internal struggle before giving in and being evil :)
Stuffing the Turkey - An amusing little holiday themed impregnation story.
Sub Routine - Definitely insidious, not the hottest story but quite well done.
Subject MC5 Has Escaped - it's good to see that all the Mind Controllers aren't evil, they just have to learn how to control it and find the right people.
Subliminal - It's good that this man works so hard to make his girlfriend happy all the time.
Subliminal Bliss - Not a bad read, not a ton of sex but fun
Subliminal Seduction - This boy definitely worked the subliminals just right.  Well done.
Subliminal Submissives - Some very nice interoffice mind control
Sublimated - Through subliminals a man gets everything he could possibly want until...
Subliminator’s Assistance - Semi-sequel to Sublimated.  Billy_Ray77 does a great job and the story is a lot of fun.
Success! - Ahh, yes, be careful what you wish for, especially the painful joke at the end.
Summer’s End - a little disjointed, but very enjoyable
Sunday Is Sinday - Very definitely blasphemous and quite enjoyable
Sunrize Radio - lonewolf9999 has written a very involved story about a radio hostess, some hypnosis, and a long spiral into depravity.  Well done!
A Surprise at Home - The story is enjoyable although I'm not entirely into the mindless obedience, I prefer a bit more fight along the way.
Suziesmesmerizedfantasticsexytrancehypnosis - Ahh, words they can certainly get you you in strange ways.  Even stranger with the right triggers.  A fun little story.
Sweet Girlfriend - The MCer in this story actually seems rather nice, he just likes to share.
The Sweet Smell of Failure - A nice little story involving subliminals used to convert a roommate.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - a long series about a boy that discovers a pheromone and uses it to control the women around him.  Quite hot.
Sweet Surrender - I'm pretty sure with a few boxes of those sweets you could rule the world.
The Sweetest Revenge - Revenge comes in many forms, this one purely sexual.  Part 3 is the best.
Switch-On - The first Switch-On story where an evil uncle and dad use it on their daughters.  One of 4 stories about the Switch-On device, They're all well written but follow similar paths.
Switch On: Daughter’s Discipline - Cheap and affordable mind control is always dangerous, especially if the dubject doesn't even know it's happening. 
Switch On: Siblings’ Raucous Rivalry - A mother uses the Switch-On device to keep her kids from fighting but should have read the instructions first.
Switch-On: Mom Makes a Mistake - A mother buys a Switch-On device for herself but her son gets access to the controls.
Synergy (Hypknot Eyes) - A nice little story about a MCer who tests his device before using it on the person he desires.
System Corrupt - BEWARE the HypnoVirus :)

Well, that's it, made it through S, only 389 R's, should be a piece of cake!