EMG's Favorite MC Stories - F(2)

Fortune’s Daughter - Not a ton of sex, but I enjoyed the way the 2 MCers interacted/fought.
The Fountain of Youth - I enjoyed how magic backfired and the end result and how the main character handled it.
Four Tapes and a Fiancee - This definitely falls into the win some lose some category.
Free Ride - A very nice little college conversion story written from the controlee's point of view.
Free Ride Part 2 - An excellent sequel and conclusion to the first part.
Free Trial Offer - Pretty simple, but kinda fun
Free Universal Carnal Knowledge - Very good story, well written and fun(definitely long)  Plenty of good sex too.  I'd recommend the author but this is his only work.
Freedom to Fly - ALWAYS read the warning labels
Friendly Games - A fun little hypnosis story with 2 girls
Friendship vs. Hypnosis - I really liked this one, it could REALLY use a second part but is complete as it stands.
Fulfill Thyself - Not bad, definitely needs another part or three.
Fulfilled (Hypnotic Finale) - Fun in a "the author doesn't understand hypnosis at all" kind of way.
Full Disclothes Her - Once again, ALWAYS read every word of a contract.  Still, fun little story.
The Funniest Joke in the World — Bimbo Version - Good Wishes gone wild humor, quite funny.
Funny Money - Quite enjoyable, not the best magic money story but a good one.

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - F(1)

The Facility (Alister Remm) - I enjoyed this story thoroughly just because of the direction it took, it could easily stop where it did or continue for many more chapters.
Fade to Black - A strangely touching story about a MCer that has to give it up to live.
Failing Upwards - Great fun, but I feel sorry for this poor guy.
Fall From Grace - How VERY VERY far she falls and so quickly.  Nicely written.
A Family in Need: A Mason DeGraves Story - If you're looking for deeply messed up, this is your story, otherwise pass.
Family Needs - An enjoyable story about a man with a "problem"
Feedback - Very fun and hot, definitely a worthy read.
A Fiddle Of Gold Against Your Soul - I'd always had a problem with this song for some of the reasons this story touches on.  Nicely fun.
Fifteen Years - An interesting time travel story.  Enjoyable not a ton of sex
The Figurine - Not bad, but far too short.
FIRE! - I'm not sure MC applies here, but it's a fun and bizarre story.
The First Gift - an enjoyable little story despite a few misspellings.
First Time Sublime - Obey my every word, such a dangerous thing if you're not careful.
Fishing - MC stories can be very hot and enjoyable and in reality, this is what anyone who actually tries it(on an unwilling partner) deserves.
A Fistful of Sand - Extremely long and VERY well written, plenty of sex and a good plot.  Definitely one of my favorites.
A Fistful of Sand 2: The Willing Slave - A nice interlude before the third installment
A Fistful of Sand 3—Resurrection - Good story, HORRIBLE ending.  If I'd known what was going to happen I'd have stopped after chapter 8 or partway through 9. Nothing gets resolved other than "that's another story"(that doesn't exist) It leaves you hanging in some of the worst ways and since it was written in 2007, I can't see it ever being concluded, there's a lot of bittersweet in these chapters.
Five Dollar Bets - Simple fun with bets, but enjoyable
Five More Minutes - Nice little hypnosis via hourglass story, no sex
Fixing Filthy Habits - Simple enjoyable hypnotic control, a shame it doesn't really work that way :)
Flashing Fergus - This definitely devolves quickly, and I think our MCer has more evil plans.
Flighttimes - A nice little airbound MC number, worthy of a second part.
A Flower for Mina - A very enjoyable read, part 2 is a lot better than the first part.
Flying High - A simple little story that's a fun read
Flyspeck - A fun little conversation between mind controllers about the future of the "industry"
Focus Group - A nice slow burn transformation.
Following Her Dream - A very good read, characters that are real people and some hot sex to boot.  Shadra did a great job.
Fond Memories - A nice little reprogramming sequence, she resists delightfully.
For a Good Time Call Lilly - exceptionally deviant, but I Like the ending.

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - G(2)

Good to the Last Drop - Well written MC cum story that was a pleasure to read.
Gotta Catch ‘Em All - Subliminals in a popular video game reprograms women.  Nothing new, but still fun.
The Grand MC Tradition - Definitely a very quirky power, but quite enjoyable.
The Grateful Virus - This was well written and quite humorous and a decent bit of hot fun.  James Adling has only written one story here but it's a good one.
Great, Great Granddad! - Nothing too special, but the adolescent characters definitely acted adolescent which was nice.
Green - I kinda like the way the main character constantly feels there's something they're missing.
Grimoire (MindSpark) - This story is well written, but MAN that boy is single-minded in his desire to sleep with his sister.
Guess Who - Got it in 1 :)  Still, a fun hot story.
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner - Pretty standard geek next door takes over mom and hot daughter.
Guilty Pleasures - MC Comic books, I should have known.
Gullible - Gullible is definitely the word for it, could use more chapters but definitely a fun one.
The Gyges Experiment - A bit confusing at times, but I really liked this story.

EMG's Favorite Mind Control Stories - G(1)

The Gallery - He painted an excellent picture
Game On - Predictable but fun.
Game Off - Sequel to GameOn, a bit more fun, but also predictable :)
Game Pieces - I liked the way the game was played, definitely a fun game :)
Geek Row - Quite enjoyable, rather predictable, but enjoyable
The Geeks’ Girl - Enjoyable although I think I'd have enjoyed it better as a story from beginning to ending rather than broken up the way the author did.
Generation Gap (Daphne) - He certainly is a VERY polite young man.
Generous Portions - Fairly standard training videos make girls into sex toys at a place that makes hooters tame.
Getting Her Number - A fun story and it's nice to see WMM get a nod from an author.
Getting Jenny - I like the delayed action in this story and the odd relationship beginning to end.
Getting to the Bottom of It - He definitely got the bottom of this problem.  A very nice story.
A Gift from Jackie - I'm not sure it was actually a gift from Jackie, but good enough and quite hot.  Takes several chapters to get to the MC part.
The Gift of Gabby - Worst attempt by a parent to control their daughter's sexuality EVER. 
Gifted - A good story ruined by a lack of an ending.
THE GIFTGIVER - I really like this story(sorry, no sex), but I do love the ending.
Gigolo - Hmm, I am not certain that Gigolo is the right word, but this story works.
The Girl Beneath the Skin - There is a lot of beauty in the world, this was a beautiful story.  BlackNight99 touched me and that is not easy.
The Girl With the Big Tits - Beware all modeling companies with hypno, mesmer, etc as part of the name :)
Girls and Their Best Friends - Sometimes mind controllers luck into their conquests, this man got VERY lucky.
A Glorious Change - Not bad, not my ideal surgery scenario but I did enjoy the 3 separate endings.
Going Home - Mind control gas, fymenists, lots of sex.  Pretty standard stuff
Golddigger - The man is ruthless and the woman deserves it and probably worse.
The Good Doctor - Yes, I believe the good doctor did the right thing.
A Good Flavor - Sounds like he found the perfect flavor.
Good Neighbor (Paladin) - A very nice little unintended harem story that's fun and has good humor.
The Good Samaritan - Very inspirational, misogynistic as heck but VERY inspirational

EMG's Favorite Mind Control Stories - H(2)

Honey’s Story - I am biased against MC stories where the MCer deliberately breaks up a happy couple(specially newlyweds)  Not sure why since we are talking MC.  Still, this story surprises and I enjoyed it a lot.
The Hornometer - Quite hot early on, but does get a bit predictable.
Hostile Takeover (The Persuader) - This story is not sexy, but the main character gets EXACTLY what he and every predator like him deserves.
Hot Pursuit - Ok, RL Pac Man as a MC device I did not see that coming.  A fun little story.
House Call - Amusing little controlled by his cock story.
Household Enslavement - Not bad, but pretty standard stuff.
How Angel Stevens Got Her Brain On (And How She Gets Off) - While it's nice that the good guy saved his girl, the story seems a little stiff and I'd have preferred a bit more creative revenge.
How Can I Love You? - This is a good story, it's about people who truly connect and explore their MC/robot fantasies.  mcguy101 did a great job.
How Fortunate Are You? - Never trust a REAL fortune cookie.
How I Saved the World - A very enjoyable read, gets a little' take over the worldee' in the middle but recovers nicely.
How Madelyn Became a Good Girl - A very nice enslavement story about a very good girl
How Many Easter Bunnies? - A very cute little story about a very confused young lady.
Howdy Neighbor - Fairly deviant brainwasher next door story.
The Humanitarian - If any of this man's girls ever get their mind back he will be torn to shreds in a matter of minutes. 
The Humiliation of Jane - I read this one years ago, it's still as hot as it ever was.  Gotta love obnoxious bitch comeuppance stories.
Humor in MC - There's some VERY good humor in here, the MC version of the Monty Python Cheese Shop sketch is especially fun.