EMG's Favorite Mind Control Stories - L

There aren't a TON of entries here so I decided to do them all in one shot. 

La Bandera Bella - Language tapes, another great place to subliminally train your future GF.
Labor Day’s for Working Girls - Some people are just too suggestible.  I need to know more of these people!
The Lampmaker - I enjoy stories where people are actually smart, where there is a plot and I don't see the outcome immediately.  This one was just that.
A Lapse In Memory - Not a bad story, it's odd getting parts of a story that only come together at the end.
Latter Day Sluts - Now this is a religion I could get behind, into, I would certainly cum to a few prayer meetings.
Lauren - Nicely wicked, I like how this one was written.
Law of the Jungle - Wonderfully done revenge scenario, definitely worth reading.
A Lazy Afternoon - What's more fun that playing evil games with friends... Getting to do it again and again...
The Legacy of Mr. Brooks - What do you do when you inherit MC drugs and slaves.  Not all of us would do as well as this man did, I guess there are some of us with morals.
Less Than an Hour - A nice story where a woman is broken.
A Lesson for Laurel - Turnabout is always fair play with gold diggers.
Lessons (Pan) - An old favorite, changing someone while they're helping you do something they wouldn't normally do.
Let No One Put Asunder - it's good to see an abduction story where the husband doesn't end up crushed but wins in the end.
The Letter (a.k.a. A Cop’s Revenge) - Not bad, not amazing
Leveling Out - Hmm, not the ending you might expect, but definitely hot
Leveling the Playing Field - A VERY hot revenge story with just the right amounts of sadism, sex, and fun.  Well done antiwidow
Lewd Dude and the Nude Prude - Some excellent MC based humor.
Liberating Libby - Fairly traditional subliminal transformation but not bad
Lie Berries - This is revenge, pure and simple and you end up feeling sorry for both the people involved but it is well written and hot in places.
Life Imitating Art - A nice story about a good guy who discovers he can sculpt reality.
Life Is Good - Sweet and simple, life is good.
Light Up My Life - This is the kind of breakthrough that I need, VERY hot.
Like Mother, Like Daughter - Sometimes the deal we make with the devil isn't the right one, but the one we need.
Limits - The start of a series by Pan where a brother corrupts his sister, her friend and his mom.
Lindsay’s Story: Amphetylcholemine Hydropyrinase-5 - in some ways reading this story is what I imagine it is like to be on drugs.  Bizarre yet still hot in odd ways.
Lingerie - I REALLY liked this story, MC Writer did a great job of describing a situation I could imagine happening.
Lingerie Party - Simple, enjoyable MC.  Good fun.
Lip Service (Trent Wolf) - Definitely the sort of hypnotic session more than a few women need.
Listening to Jack - Not bad, pretty standard stuff
Little Goody Two Shoes — A Shoes to Fill Story - Hmm, I think these shoes may actually be overkill, but I'm not sure anyone else would agree.
Little Helper - Now there's an angle I haven't seen before.  Very fun.
A Little Knowledge - When casting spells, make sure you know what they'll actually do.  When enacting revenge, make sure the person can't get back at you.  Fun and funny :)
A Little Pink Camera - A little fun, a little bizarre
Little Taste of Me - MC cum, nothing majorly new, but works for me.
Logic Dictates - A little MC, a little persuasive argument, a lot of fun.
Logical Fellatio - There has to be some logical reason these arguments don't work but I cannot for the life of me see them.
Long Day’s Journey Into Susan - Even MCers can be good people.  These are some of the BEST, and there's hot sex.
The Long Road Goodbye - Not at all what I expected, I enjoyed it.
Look at Me - Not bad, the control is a bit simple but it's a good story
Loose Circuit - Yeah, something shook loose in her head.  Nice fire alarm though.
Loose Ends - Another very fun little story by Jukebox.  I understand how the main character feels ENTIRELY.
Loot Box - A very nice use for loot boxes, definitely better than the real things.
Lorenzo’s Massage Oil - A nice and hot story and even a moment of clarity at the end.  I liked it.
Lost Toys - A long and involved series about a MCer who inherits a couple slave and then starts collecting a harem.  Well written.  Not listed here are 8 sequels.
Lost, But Searching - Evil MC is a hot fantasy, this is what should ACTUALLY happen to someone who tries it.
Lotion Potion - Simple and fun, thoroughly enjoyable
Lottery Winnings - A fun and simple table turning scenario
Lounge Control - Some men should not be crossed, this man is definitely one of them and his revenge is sweet.
Lounge Control — Darcy’s Next - A pleasant sequel to Lounge Control
Love Is The Strongest Bond - Kinda fun, a little sexy, and a HORRIBLE joke at the end.
Love Potion - Not bad, pretty predictable.
Love Potion No. 13 - Fairly standard, I did like the accidental part.
The Love Song of Cassidy A. Wainright - Could have used a bit more sex, but not bad
Love Spell Mistake - Definitely a be careful what you wish for or you just might get it situation.
Love Stinks - Another fun little story by Jukebox
Love Thy Neighbor - A fairly decent table turning scenario.
The Love Toy’s Reprieve - The good guy stories where a man tries to save someone who's been controlled can sometimes be even better than the evil MC stories.  This is a good story.
Lovestruck - No sex here, but definitely the type of school assembly ever good mass mind controller should have.
The Luckiest Girl in the World - Hmm, not sure if she's the luckiest girl in the world or the most suggestible.  Either way works for me.
Lucky in Love - Fun, nothing deep or complicated, just fun.
The Lucky Janitor Theory - Never heard of this theory, but someone is definitely VERY lucky
Lucky Tickets - LONG and well written, plenty of sex and actual character development.  The main character is a bit whiny at points but definitely worth reading.
Lucky Tickets 2: Lucky Stiff - The second Part of Lucky Tickets.  Even longer than the first one and VERY well written.  Not a ton of MC but a good read, the author IS working on part 3, but he has been for quite a few years but published an update recently.  Worth reading even if it never gets finished.
Luxury Pets - Fairly quick and fun, just a sinple transformation story but I like the quasi-humiliation aspect.
Lyra - Middle of the road, but not bad and it was the last entry under L so why not ;)

EMG's Favorite Mind Control Stories - M(4)

Modified - Nice conversion story, I'm sure she needed it
Modified Behavior - Nice human to pet story, well done and enjoyable
Money Shot - Well written, but I'm never a fan of the ones that make a strong point of destroying a relationship.
MOO! - An amusing cow transformation with a good dose of humiliation.
Mood Enhancement - Just a nice safe little experiment here, nothing more. :)
Mood Musak - Yet another important lesson for the young MCer, make sure you ONLY get your intended target(s)
A More Permanent Position - a decent humiliation/revenge story, would be nice if there were more struggle on the victims part.
Morgana’s Day Spa - An enjoyable story with an amusing twist at the end.  The Epilogue is entirely unnecessary but fun.
Morning Heat - A fun little dog transformation hypnosis scenario
Morningview Psychiatric Hospital - Beneficial MC to help the unbalanced, not a bad story but could probably use 1 more chapter.
Mother’s Motor’s Running Hot - I like the prank call aspect.
Mountin’ Biking - Pretty good, needed to be a little longer before the good guys won.
Mr Carruthers’ Garden - A very special garden indeed.
Mr. Bankole - Interesting premise, I kinda like the story
Mr. Dick Head - Ok, I shouldn't have, but I liked this one.
Mr. Poe - Beware of MCers with gifts, they may be more fucked up than you.
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed & Mrs. Arrogant Tamed 2 - Some stories should just be combined into a single entity.  Still, these are both quite hot stories about a bitch and her sister that get thoroughly tamed.
Music of the Night - Loved all the beatles references and the content.  A shame he never did the sequels he mentioned.
My best friend - Nice hot story, but way too short.
My Boyfriend Is Such a Liar - Be careful about bets made with hypnotists and mind controllers.
My Bratty Brother - Not bad, kinda middle of the road, some decent humiliation.
My Brief Career - Very fun little story about a Mind Controller who gets in out of his depth.
My Car, My Rules - Temptation can be evil, in this case VERY evil(in a good way)
My Career as a Wizard - Not bad, but a bit... mechanical...not sure if that's the word but there's no emotion, just action.
My Descent Into Lesbian Tit Slavery - A very nice lactation enslavement that's pretty hot.
My Favorite Virus - Nicely written, definitely a scenario where things get out of control but in a good way.  Could probably use another chapter or two but I don't see that happening.
My Four Aces - A little love, a little sex, a little MC, a little revenge.  Works for me!
My Imaginary Friend - Ok, I have to admit, I really like his imaginary friend, and both parts were very fun.
My Late Uncle’s Gadgets - Very hot, the machine in this is definitely something I'd want to use on a few people I know.
My Mind Is Gone - Jukebox really is very good at this, VERY enjoyable.
My New Boyfriend - Not sure why but I enjoyed this story, may have just been my mood as the MC was obvious and simple.
My New Career - This sequel to My Brief Career and is wonderfully fun and a good laugh, sadly, there's not really any good sex but very well done D. Holzer I look forward to reading more of your work.
My New Girlfriend (Ice Bear) - An interesting story, where the guy has no idea why the girl is SO dedicated to him.
My Real Estate Career - Sequel to My New Career and My Brief Career, another fun story.
My Sister’s Captive - Definitely working on twisted, needs more parts but was started last year so who knows.
My Wife, the Professor - A very nice story(and an excellent gift) Sadly, unfinished.
My Wife’s Surprise - More husbands need surprises like this :) 
My Wife’s Therapist - Not bad, hate to say it but the husband's kind of a dick and no revenge against the Therapist happens

EMG's Favorite Mind Control Stories - M(3)

Mental Security Guaranteed - I want to see the product reviews on this
Merchandise - She makes such excellent merchandise
Mesmer’s Daughters - I believe I've read this story before, the words seem so familiar but it could be coincidence.  A trance based conversion story.
Mexican Fly - A good start, but once again no real finish.
Michael’s New Pets - A nice little enslaved by implants story.  Fun
The Midnight Ride of Paula Revered - A fun little variant on Cinderella
Milk and Honey - Not my usual, but I enjoyed the impregnation theme.
Mind - Incomplete, but well written and quite enjoyable. 
A Mind Apart - Pretty traditional MC, man gets powers in hospital, finds some toys and then things get complicated.
Mind Contagion - I enjoyed this story quite a bit, it could use another part or two but they aren't necessary, it's complete enough.
Mind Control Dust - quick and easy, and ALWAYS make sure your victims have no way out.
Mind Control on a Saturday Night - This is a good story about fantasies fulfilled even if the participant wasn't exactly willing. 
Mind Control Party - Fun story, pay careful attention to the interlude in the middle.
The Mind Control Tales - Kinda middle of the road, his "revenge" isn't that drastic and he's not that evil. 
Mind Field - Not bad, incomplete but not bad it at least goes far enough to be enjoyable
Mind Fuck - This one is just plain GOOD, one of the best I've read in a while.  I'm surprised no one else has listed it as a favorite.  Well done Zebulon it's a shame you haven't written more.
Mind Games - This one's very nicely evil, a voice in her head telling her she's his and gets no choice.  Not sure she'll ever enjoy it but it's MC and that tends to be NC :)
Mind Games (Gingerxxx) - Kinda a rough start, but a pretty good story with plenty of hot MC.  Definitely VERY long.
Mind Wipe - A very playful little story about getting women to think with their pussies
Minor Sexual Sins - Not bad, twisted Philosopher manipulates minds from beyond the grave :)
Miranda Violation - Nicely written and quite enjoyable.
Miranda Warning - Very hot and a wicked ending.
The Mirror (Interstitial) - Careful what you search for, sometimes it finds you first.
Misfortune’s Bracelet - Well written and fun, but as with all magic like this, be careful!
Miss Titus’ Day Off - Fairly predictable, but some good sex
Miss You - No, nothing creepy here, nope, just move along(good story though)
Model Behavior - I enjoyed the body swap, but haughty girl brought low is always a fun subject.

EMG's Favorite Mind Control Stories - M(2)

The Man in the Park - I like the way these are written, each is from the point of view of the victim where they don't even realize exactly what is happening as they change and the MCer is just some creepy guy staring at them in the park.
Manual Override – Mikey gets his first Pet - Nicely written, but I think our young Master may have his hands full with this one.
Mapping a New World - A very nice hypnotic slavery story, I enjoyed it.
Marcus’s Power - The story is well written but not nearly complete.  Not quite enough sex, and it REALLY needs to be proofread, I almost quit just because of spelling.
Marinara Hospital - Great humor, good sex and definitely a solid Mad Scientist.
The Mark of Power - Another good story that is incomplete.
Market Day - An enjoyable little story about taking your slaves to market
Marriage Counceling - Definitely the right type of marriage councelor
Mashiekeh - ARGH!!!  I was enjoying this story a LOT, but yet again we come to a story with no conclusion.
Massage Parlor - A very nice little massage based MC story where the massage takes the woman well over the edge.
The Master Downstairs - I nice story about an accidental Master who tries to put things right and has some fun.
Master PC - The legendary Master PC story.  it's well done and enjoyable but for the most part not my cup of tea.  I won't be reviewing any other stories in the genre.
Master’s Kiss - Sorry folks, the sexy MC happened before the story started, this is a fixing what was done story which has a nice bit about deprogramming that might work in some instances.
Matching Madison - a little competition is a GOOD thing.
Matters of Perspective - I like the way this man thinks :)
May Cause Swelling - A very fun little story about why you should always read the side effects of any medication you take.
May I Show You Something - A quick little MC story that was pretty decent.
Me and Jiulio - Not bad, a lot of gang stories put me off(guess I'm too middle class), but this one was the right level of MC and fun
Me So Horny - An odd transformation to say the least, but it looks like her Boss is happy.
Mean Teen, Magic Marble and the Principal - Mean, probably even evil, but still enjoyable.
Mechanic’s Lien - Manipulated by the needs of your own body, simple and fun.  Not a ton of sex
Medallion - Not a bad story, but sometimes limitless power gets a little boring.  Chapter 2 is by far the best(bit of revenge)
Meetings With the Boss - this one is good, you can see the character crumbling around her desires not even realizing she's being changed.
Megan’s New Clothes - a fun one where the clothes literally make the woman.
Melting Ice - I enjoyed this one even if it was fairly simple. 
Membership Dues - This was a fun story, a little light on the sex but I enjoyed it a lot.  I don't think the author(Whyte, Colleen) has written since 2007 and that is a shame.
Memories of her Boyfriend - Very well done story about a toy that remembers who she was and realizes she wants to be who she is now.
Men Like It Better with a Blue Bonnet On It - definitely a slow burn, a conversion that is not instant and involves a very 50's housewife attitude.

EMG's Favorite Mind Control Stories - M(1)

Mad Libby - I like the concept, the story itself is isn't bad either.
Mad Monday - Incomplete, but a lot of fun, the poor Dad in this situation is in a LOT of trouble.
Mad Scientists’ Convention — The Welcome Mat - A fun little story, I hope they make it to stores this fall I have a friend who seriously needs to relax.
Mad, but not Angry - Some nice humor and some nice MC.  Sometimes labels can be REALLY important.
Made to Order - Long but well written, I thoroughly enjoyed how it played out.
The Madman and the Guinea Pigs - What can I say, Mad science and a humorous ending.
The Magic of Kris P. Kringle - A bit deviant, a bit fun, we'll call it Christmas themed evil.
Magic Sperm - Yep, I knew it, never trust your sperm.
The Magical Camera - When you have you MC fun, always make sure that anyone you include can't hijack your evil.
The Magical Charm Bracelet - A nice little story with varying types of control/manipulation through a magical charm bracelet.
Magical Cream? - Enjoyable, simple but enjoyable admittedly, if this guy keeps using the cream his cock is going to end up thick as a tree trunk and totally useless.
Magical Mystery Tourist - A tad predictable to those of us who are evil hypnotists, but still quite fun and nicely humiliating.
Magical Tramp Poon’s Vacation - Oddly enough, I never want to be THAT guy, maybe 10% of him, but not that guy.
Maid, to Order - A very nice little story about subliminal reprogramming
The Maiden in the Tower - I don't believe this qualifies as MC really, the story was fun, I guessed where it was going pretty early on but enjoyed the ending anyway.
The Mail Order Bride - Not bad, an important lesson to learn, don't let your twin brother meet your Mail Order Bride first.
Make a Wish - A nice little wish based MC story with some good sex and some good fun.
Makin Changes - The transformation to slut was a bit fast but it's a good read and I enjoyed chapter 4 the most.
Making the Best of a Bad Situation - I enjoyed how the author told the tale.  A fun way to let the controlee know they're in trouble.
Making the Perfect Girlfriend - This story was REALLY hot, the desire to make her GF more aggressive resulting in the GF making her her slave was fun.  Good sex too.
Making Them Do Things: The Contest - This is good hypno-MC, there's a lot of hypnosis in it, it's practically a guide to how to subvert someone via hypnosis.  Mountain Man knows his hypnosis(and MC)
Malaking Suso Resort and Spa - Fairly long story about a woman turned into a cow.  Pretty decent.
The Male Is In the Czech - A fun little story with a bad punchline :)
The Man at the Library - Curiosity kils more cats than killacat.com but only barely.  Still be careful.