EMG's Favorite MC Stories - S(5)

Square Peg - Sometimes Mind control works both ways, 2 different methods, 4 different girls.  Lots of fun.
Stanley’s Science Project - Stanley definitely deserves an A, he's VERY convincing.
Straightening Things Out (DocBoss1) - Chapter 1 says it all, be careful what you wish for.  Nicely done DocBoss1
The Stranger - Love can take some strange turns, even stranger with hypnosis.  Made me smile.
Strings - I am not really into puppets, but this was well written and quite enjoyable
Stroll - I enjoyed this story, but I have my own Rose so that may have had something to do with it.  Still, I do wonder how she would react to it :)
Study Day - Nicely written, I like the Dr's internal struggle before giving in and being evil :)
Stuffing the Turkey - An amusing little holiday themed impregnation story.
Sub Routine - Definitely insidious, not the hottest story but quite well done.
Subject MC5 Has Escaped - it's good to see that all the Mind Controllers aren't evil, they just have to learn how to control it and find the right people.
Subliminal - It's good that this man works so hard to make his girlfriend happy all the time.
Subliminal Bliss - Not a bad read, not a ton of sex but fun
Subliminal Seduction - This boy definitely worked the subliminals just right.  Well done.
Subliminal Submissives - Some very nice interoffice mind control
Sublimated - Through subliminals a man gets everything he could possibly want until...
Subliminator’s Assistance - Semi-sequel to Sublimated.  Billy_Ray77 does a great job and the story is a lot of fun.
Success! - Ahh, yes, be careful what you wish for, especially the painful joke at the end.
Summer’s End - a little disjointed, but very enjoyable
Sunday Is Sinday - Very definitely blasphemous and quite enjoyable
Sunrize Radio - lonewolf9999 has written a very involved story about a radio hostess, some hypnosis, and a long spiral into depravity.  Well done!
A Surprise at Home - The story is enjoyable although I'm not entirely into the mindless obedience, I prefer a bit more fight along the way.
Suziesmesmerizedfantasticsexytrancehypnosis - Ahh, words they can certainly get you you in strange ways.  Even stranger with the right triggers.  A fun little story.
Sweet Girlfriend - The MCer in this story actually seems rather nice, he just likes to share.
The Sweet Smell of Failure - A nice little story involving subliminals used to convert a roommate.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - a long series about a boy that discovers a pheromone and uses it to control the women around him.  Quite hot.
Sweet Surrender - I'm pretty sure with a few boxes of those sweets you could rule the world.
The Sweetest Revenge - Revenge comes in many forms, this one purely sexual.  Part 3 is the best.
Switch-On - The first Switch-On story where an evil uncle and dad use it on their daughters.  One of 4 stories about the Switch-On device, They're all well written but follow similar paths.
Switch On: Daughter’s Discipline - Cheap and affordable mind control is always dangerous, especially if the dubject doesn't even know it's happening. 
Switch On: Siblings’ Raucous Rivalry - A mother uses the Switch-On device to keep her kids from fighting but should have read the instructions first.
Switch-On: Mom Makes a Mistake - A mother buys a Switch-On device for herself but her son gets access to the controls.
Synergy (Hypknot Eyes) - A nice little story about a MCer who tests his device before using it on the person he desires.
System Corrupt - BEWARE the HypnoVirus :)

Well, that's it, made it through S, only 389 R's, should be a piece of cake!

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - S(4)

Sisters - Not bad, and yes, it is easy to get drowsy in a car so be careful who you let drive you around :)
Sisters (Cindy Silver Eyes) - NC Mind Control, humiliation, incest, Cindy definitely met the wrong man.
The Six Pills of Domination - I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this file at first but I enjoyed how the main character developed.
The Six-Month Rule - Not bad, I like the rule but couldn't possibly live by it.
Skankytown - Lisa Teez is one of the better writers here and this is a fun and enjoyable story.
Skeleton Key - DAMN!  Wish I had one of those!!! Well done Jukebox
Slave Bells - I really enjoyed this story, the good guy had the right amount of good and the story flowed well.
Slave Chains - Another well written gem from J. Darksong
The Slave Pit - Not the best writer in the world, but I found myself enjoying it more than I should.
The Slaver Chronicles — Book 1 — Sam - Part one of a very long well written story about a man who can enslave women on sight.
The Slaver Chronicles – Book 2 — Search - Part two
The Sleepover (b4uweremine) - Accidental mind controller is always fun
Slut-in-Law - A fun story about someone getting exactly what they deserve
A Small Punishment - Cute, disturbingly cute, but a well deserved punishment
Smart Drug - Nicely done, some very hot parts, plenty of MC what else could anyone want.
Smartphone Addicted - Always beware the geeks, for they will rule the world
Smoke Deluxe - When you take control of someone, always make sure that you give them careful instructions as to what they may or may not do.  This guy got WAY more than he bargained for.
Smoking in the Boys’ Room - This one seemed boring at first, but got hotter and hotter as it went on.
Snoop - Definitely the way to handle people that go through your things when you're gone.
So much to lose - Lots of flirtation and an enjoyable story.
So Very Happy - an interesting glimpse into a controlee's mind.  No sex, but fun.
So You Want to Be Immortal - A fun little story about an immortal mind controller.  Sadly no information on how to become immortal.
Sock Cocket and Gussy Pirl - The description of this doesn't entirely match the story but I enjoyed the story and what was done to the girls.
Socket - Not bad, not as much sex as I'd like but I enjoyed the story
The Solution - This story DEFINITELY needs a second part, very nicely evil
Some Changes Made - Sometimes all a woman needs is to be totally transformed to actually become a good person.  Radical, but true.
The Sorority Car Wash - Always fun to see someone accidentally become a controller.  Nicely written.
Soulmates: PDA Phone - While I enjoyed the story, and the outcome, I felt like the main character was a bit of an idiot.  Can't win them all.
The Soup Kitchen - A very enjoyable story, sadly I doubt it will ever be continued.  New authors, learn this lesson, don't put that on a story unless you already know part 2 will be completed.
Spa - A decent read, the spanking in the middle made it better.
Speak Softly While My Master Sleeps - I enjoyed this story a lot, mostly because it was written by a controlee who's Controller was totally unconscious.  A very fun read, AMOWAT tells a good story.
Speechless - Ahh, if only hypnosis worked that well and that easily.  Well done Mesmerr very hot!
Spell Checker - I'm pretty sure the world does NOT want me to get my hands on such a spell checker.
Spellcheck - If you find a magic book and enslave a girl, if you don't want a harem, always command her to never use the book without permission. 
Spiraling In - I enjoyed this story quite a bit as the MCer took every member of the family while the youngest one tried to resist.
Spring Rain - The story was fun, the pun at the end was painful.  BONUS!!!  Good job Chrystal Wynd

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - S(3)

She-Wolf - Very animalistic, I enjoyed the story even if it wasn't a favorite.
She’s My Cherry PI - Every man with a wife like his deserves a GF like that.
Shine - Careful with that stuff it'll go straight to your ...
Shirley Wins a Free Trip - Free trip to an island you've never heard of, plan load of attractive girls, what could be sinister about that.
Shocking Origin - Deliciously fun, I enjoyed this story and it definitely aroused.
Shop of Unearthly Delights - A nice and arousing story about a guy who gets an unintended slave or two.  It is currently in progress, but worth reading.
Shopping Assistance - Very important lesson, NEVER try to fire the Mind Controller, it always goes poorly.
Shortskirt Street - Dr. Kwan definitely does good work.
Shrink, Rapt - Downing Street writes an excellent story from the perspective of the controlee.  Nice, hot, fun.
Sibling Love - I like the way the "hero" used his powers to disable the "evil" mind controller.
Sibling Rivalry - Hmm, not sure there's really that much rivalry in this story but the siblings definitely like Mom's new boyfriend.
Sid - Definitely not for everyone.  This one will make you feel a bit sad, there are hot parts but there is no happy ending.
Sidhe Magic - Sex magic is always dangerous and tricky, but it would appear they managed to make things work out in the end.
A Sight to Behold - This woman definitely sounds like a force of nature.
Signed First Edition - I enjoyed the premise and it's well written even though I prefer more brute force MC(probably because I already know how to hypnotize people).
Silent Lucidity - There is something very touching about this story, Jukebox is a class act and definitely one of the better writers here.
Simon Says - Not sure when, but I'm pretty sure I've read this before.  Either way, Simon definitely gets what he says he wants.
Simone - Nicely done, I didn't expect the twist and it's worth reading just for that.
A Simple Date - This story made me smile.  No serious sex, but scifiscribbler wrote a great story and that's what I look for more than anything else.
A Simple Ghost Story - I like how the main character is never truly sure if his wife was possessed or not.  Well played.
Sins of the Father - Not bad, I enjoyed the story, not terribly sexy but a good read.
SINtendo Whee! - The first in a series involving a very powerful gaming system that can really change your life :) Kris P. Kreme is definitely one of the better authors on the site.
SINtendo Whee! — Avatars - Number 2 in the series
SINtendo Sims - Number 3 in the series
SINtendo GameGIRL - Number 4 in the series, they're all good reads but I like the first the best.

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - S(2)

Seasons of the Mind - Some people put together collections of words and call them stories, others create beauty and we call it art.  This story is art and Maxmimilian Cummings is an artist.
The Second Machine - Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get your MC machine to work "JUST RIGHT"
Secret Journey - Another great story from Jukebox, Why don't I get invited to these kinds of Halloween Parties???
The Secret to Happiness - The induction worked into part 1 is VERY well done.  First Happiness induction I think I've seen.
The Secret Weapon (Ice Bear) - An enjoyable little story that I read before I started my quest to read everything. 
See No Evil - Not highly sexual, but fun, almost a superhero intro story.
See-Saw - Revenge is a dangerous game, this game even more so.  J. Darksong did a great job.
Seeds - Not my usual thing, but well written and definitely arousing.
Selah - I really enjoyed this story, it's not sexual, it's just fun.
Self Help - Let's see... Always read all the instructions ... Never piss off the higher powers.  Yep, our hero manages to fail at both.  Fun read.
Seminar - A fun little story about a girl who is "sadly" unhypnotizable.
Send Command - a little predictable but nicely done, I'd take that upgrade to my phone any day.
The Server (Wiseguy) - Nicely written as usual, I enjoyed the way the story came together.
Serving the Babysitter...Once in Love With Amy - Definitely a VERY wicked babysitter, but she's very good at what she does.
Sessions - Not terribly long, but I enjoyed how the story played out and how Mary was indoctrinated and then trained to do the same to others.
Sex Education - It's always good to see a man take charge of an unruly classroom and get the teacher properly involved in educating her students.
Sexual Harassment - Not bad, some people deserve to get a little revenge and have a bit of fun along the way
Sexual Revelation - Not bad although I don't tend to be a fan of scenarious that end in world conquest :)
Sexy Situation - Fairly light on the how of the MC but I kinda like how she describes what she's thinking.
The Shade - I enjoyed this one quite a bit and the ending amused me even more.
Shaken Confidence - A nice story and the MC is subtle, but I'm not sure the title works.
Shall We Play a Game - I don't think Vondra ever had a chance in this rather hot MC game.
Shameless - Yeah, saw where this was going pretty quick.  Still enjoyed it. Jukebox is good.
Sharp Dressed Man - Gotta work on that tech, not everyone wants to have sex fully clothed :)
Sharp Practice - Hypnosis and acupuncture, who knew?? :)  A good read with some nice MC and sex.

Life has gotten a bit busy, but I will continue this project.

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - S(1)

Safe At Last - Nicely done, although kinda repetitive after a while.  The stories start with 1 person and then continue to 2 others getting access to the same drugs.
SafeCrackerJack - Fun, not a bad read, the 11 parts are all pretty short.
Saimin Gentleman - Sometimes you don't need MC, just the right girl and a little belief in yourself.  Sometimes it's better to have MC :)
Saimin Says - Some women really do crave control.  I LOVE those women.
Salem Reborn - Not bad, plenty of sex, but decidedly incomplete, we never really learn why the magical artifacts do what they do.
Sam - Well written story about an EV MC that ends up getting his comeuppance.
Samantha Sucks - I liked this, I know a few women that deserve it.
Samantha’s Surrender - Nicely written, got a good reaction out of me.
Sampling Candy - I definitely want to shop at this convenience store!
Samson and Delilah - An amusing re-versioning of Sampson and Delilah.  Sadly the frat boys weren't that smart, just lucky.
Sam's New Power - Starts kinda boring just because the power is instant an total but it does have a very amusing ending so I added it.
Sandman - Well written, Wiseguy does a good job although our hypnotist is 100% unethical :)
Sandras Fall into Lustful Nakedness, The Beginning - Always be wary of strange old men selling you curios.
Sappho High - Some of the best most powerful mind control in the universe comes from within.  That doesn't make it any less powerful.
sarah 2> /dev/null - I hope the author continues this story, I've enjoyed what I've read so far.
Satan’s Bakery - An interesting premise, I enjoyed the story and they way the women were manipulated.
Satellite AGX-69 Services - I am not into the smoking scene at all, but the story teaches a valuable lesson, never back out of a deal with a Mind Controller.
Satisfaction Brought Him Back - A curious nearly omnipotent being from another dimension has questions about sex.  A fun read.
Saturday Night Movie Buddy - Nicely played, definitely a fun story and I want one of those hornometers.
Save the Planet - Well, that's one way to save the planet.  Definitely one I'm in favor of.
Saving My Marriage - Not highly sexual, but an interesting story, I think it needs about 3-4 more parts to make it good.
Say ‘Please’ - Nicely done hypnosis work and an enjoyable read.
Scan THIS! - A nice three way using a bar code scanner that instantly hypnotizes people.
Scenario Five - This woman is WAY down the wormhole, it makes an amusing story.
Schadenfreude Tales: The Harlot’s Curse - Never upset a deity no matter how minor they are.
Scott’s World - Having recently read a LOT of MC stories, it's always odd when you run into one you've already read.  Not bad, but I definitely prefer the control be more subtle.
The Screen Saver (bendherovr) - That is DEFINITELY what is needed to boost moral around here!
Screwed by the Economy - Sometimes you really have to be careful about the wording of those store closing sales.  Still, I believe the buyer got exactly what he wanted.
Sea-Dogs of the Bare Caribbean - A pirate's tale well and humorously wrought