EMG's Favorite MC Stories - D(2)

A Dog’s Life - A very good dog transformation story, I think I read it years ago.  I still like it.
Doing the Stepdaughter - Simple straightforward, sexy
Doing Your Homework - Not long, not complicated, but quite hot and loved the last line.
Dollars and Sins - Quite deviant, but very hot I read this when it was originally posted and it's still good.
Donna’s Delight - Definitely incomplete, but still quite good and very hot.
The Doodad - I enjoyed this story, it could use more parts but they aren't needed and it was a lot of fun. 
Downsizing Lisa - Great story, it would have been nicer if his rival were shown to be a bit more of a bitch on heels but her slow transformation from Lawyer to slave is very well done.
Dr. Fox and the Trouble with Trent - Fun story, loved the twist near the end.
Dr. Fox and Wendy Warden’s Wrist - I definitely like the way the author things, also quite hot.
Dramatic Saga of Peter Q. Kleeshay - Nerd discovers hypno liquid enslaves family, grows harem.  simple but fun(fairly long)
Drawing From Life - A very nice story with hot parts and an actual plot.
Dream - Nice, simply, VERY erotic
Dream a Little Dream With Me - I am SHOCKED that nobody on MCStories has this as one of their favorites.  The struggle the main character goes through is great!  I'd recommend the author but this is his only work.
Dream State - Beautiful and well written if a touch Long(165K words) I believe I've enjoyed every story JiMC has written.  All 3 of them. 
The Duel (The Persuader) - Gotta love a MC story where the one being controlled is the on that believes they are in control.  Nicely done.
Dumber Switch - Simple, but quite enjoyable on the lines of device changes women genre.
Dungeon of Reality - and this is why we should be VERY careful when full dive VR becomes a reality.  I plan to write MANY many games for it myself.
Dying to Live - This is another good story that I'm surprised nobody has favorited.  There's some dark stuff in it but the hero is basically a good guy :)

Well, that's the end of D, only 3 letters left, can't believe I'm getting close to done.

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - D(1)

The D.A.T. - Moderately predictable, but quite enjoyable
The Daily Grind - It's always good to see someone with a job they love.
The Danger of Logical Fallacies - If you meet this man, shoot first before he starts talking.  Fun read though.
Dangerous But As Fun As He Hoped - A good start, but that's it, no additional parts.
Dangerous Fantasy - It's odd, but I generally dislike Hypnotist breaks up happy marriage and humiliates husband.  This one works because it ends the right way for everyone.
Danni, Such a Good Girl - It's so very nice to watch as resistance is slowly destroyed in someone who no longer controls their body fully.
Dark As Light - Long, well written, some of the good stuff(be warned, it does have a plot)
Dance Card - I know this is out of order but it's a continuation of Dark As Light.  Sadly, it doesn't resolve a lot, but it's still a good story.
Dark Svengali - Very nice, actually makes me want to watch the movie.  Could use another part but not necessary
Dark Thoughts - As with many such stories, incomplete, but it's long enough that it doesn't really matter.  Nicely written and plenty of sex.
A Day in the Life (Olorin247) - I hope this is not the fate of those that are mine upon my passing.  Hot, disturbed, and a little depressing.
Deal Me In - An enjoyable little story involving more than one type of pokeher.
Debbie, Dan, and the Demon - Nice little story, tons of sex with little nuggets of humiliation
Delay for Construction - I like this story because in some small place in the back of my mind I can see it as being a real thing that actually happened.
Delusion - I think I may have read this before, but it's still a good story.  Still, were I to write a second part I'd make the "good" Dr think she was succeeding only to pull the rug out from under her totally.
Demon Deals - Rather fun Deal with a Demon story, the humiliation aspect got a little repetitive but a good read with hot sex and a fun ending.
Deviant - A very hot and twisted revenge story that gets totally out of hand in a GOOD way.
The Device - Very nice story, a few odd bits but very enjoyable and definitely plenty of good sex.
Dick Jones - Great Story, lots of fun and now we know what it's like for the little head to be in charge.
Dick Picture Perfect - Dick Pick makes women want him, it's gone well so far but I can see where this may go out of control.  Incomplete, but started in 2019 and actively growing.
The Difference Between Master and Owner - A very good story, quite long but could still use more parts.  I like how everything came together.
Dime Package - Not bad, I kinda liked how the drugging worked.
Dimensions of Dementia - Dark and twisted, not for everyone, not even really my thing, but well written.
Dirty Boots - Classic MC, some hot sex, some serious humiliation in the last part.
Disabled Powers - Young disabled boy discovers his psychic powers and uses the women around him.  A tale as old as time(and one of the oldest on EMC)
Divide and Conquer - Sometimes being the one with a strong will is NOT a good thing.  Nice story.
Do-It-Yourself Harem - Not at all sexual, but I enjoyed it.
Docile - Pleasure can define you, this is what happens when you tie your pleasure to something you never expected.  it's also hot and a bit depraved.
Doctor Bob - Predictable yes, fun DEFINITELY!
Doc’s Orders - I read this story years ago and it is still a good read.  Not heavy on the MC or the sex but well written with good characters.  It's a shame the author never posted anything else.
Dog Day Afternoon - Nice little dog transformation story but I think the guy's in trouble
Dog Daze - Some people never learn, I'm so glad she didn't

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - E

E&I: The Founding of Mind Corp Division - Not my usual thing but nice, a battle between 2 similarly powerful MCers is a dangerous thing. 
Eat, Drink, and Do Mary - An enjoyable little revenge story
Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created - An enjoyable and quite long story of the "reality changing device" variety, definitely some fun when the main character runs into troubles but in some ways absolute power isn't as fun.
Editing Reality Book Two: Sultry Fantasies Unleashed - More fun as the story continues to unfold.
Eight in the Box - A nice little can't control yourself number that once again proved be careful what you say.
Eleanor’s Pet - Damn, I knew I shouldn't have skipped finals at MC school.  Fun read.
Electric Net - Not bad, definitely needs more parts.
The Element of Suprise - The mildest of MC, more "A guy seduces his wife" than anything else.
The Elephant in the Closet - Hmm, MC or just a woman totally unwilling to lose an argument?  I'll let you decide, but it was fun.
Eleven Pages - There is a part of me that connected strongly with this story.  Definitely enjoyable.
Embarrassing Emily -  A fun story, but not as embarrassing as the title seems to indicate.
Empathetic - Not the sort of empathy I'd want, but definitely a good read.
Encyclopedia - Now I know why my mom bought that encyclopedia set years ago.
Energy Gulp! - 5000 words, one HORRIBLE pun. Not sure it was worth it :)
Enlightenment (Categorical Imperative) - a bit deeper than you usually expect from one of thses stories and the main character fails to realize and resolve his own flaws.
The Enslaver - nothing shockingly new, but kinda fun
Enslaving My Hot Roommate - I like that the MCer realizes he went further than he truly wanted and actually fixes his mistake.
Enslaving Tami - Ok, this one is HOT, I'm surprised it's not a reader favorite of any of the regulars.
The Era of Good Feelings - While there is plenty sex in this story, it's the plot and the humor that really sold it.  Definitely a favorite.  Well done Dreamweaver
Erotolepsy - An enjoyable story, but I think more problems will ensue.
Eroticon Virus - Beautiful story, a lot of fun, plenty of naughtiness.  Sadly incomplete but still worth reading.
The Eternal Quest of One Mindy Fuecher - This story reminds me of a song lyric "if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all."  Glad the main character figured it out.
Evening Commute - A nice little reality change MC story
An Evening Out - Not really MC, but a very nice little story.
An Evening Well Spent - Some people get what they deserve, that would describe everything that happens in this story.
Ever Hear The One About The Blonde ... - Great revenge story, be warned, blonde jokes.
The Evil Wizards Pet = That is either one VERY evil, or one VERY pissed off wizard.
The Ex-Girlfriends Club - A nice very hot little story, kinda wish there was another part but it's not needed at all
Exactly What He Wanted? - Another careful what you wish for scenario.  Still, if he's smart I think he made the right choice.
The Experiment - A very nice story, lots of hot sex.
The Experiment (Mountain Man) - Well written and very close to many of my own fantasies when I was younger.
Experiment: Positive Reinforcement of Activated Neurons - Mmm, very nice.
Experiment’s Diary: Book 1—Jennifer’s downfall - While very good, this feels like it's the same story as Experiment by Mountain Man.  They aren't identical but so much is similar that they are either the same person, share a brain, or plagiarism.
Experiment’s Diary: Book 2 — Brenda’s corruption - A nice continuation of Book 1, definitely not the same as any other story I know of.
The Eyes of Justice - Now that's Justice :)

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - F(2)

Fortune’s Daughter - Not a ton of sex, but I enjoyed the way the 2 MCers interacted/fought.
The Fountain of Youth - I enjoyed how magic backfired and the end result and how the main character handled it.
Four Tapes and a Fiancee - This definitely falls into the win some lose some category.
Free Ride - A very nice little college conversion story written from the controlee's point of view.
Free Ride Part 2 - An excellent sequel and conclusion to the first part.
Free Trial Offer - Pretty simple, but kinda fun
Free Universal Carnal Knowledge - Very good story, well written and fun(definitely long)  Plenty of good sex too.  I'd recommend the author but this is his only work.
Freedom to Fly - ALWAYS read the warning labels
Friendly Games - A fun little hypnosis story with 2 girls
Friendship vs. Hypnosis - I really liked this one, it could REALLY use a second part but is complete as it stands.
Fulfill Thyself - Not bad, definitely needs another part or three.
Fulfilled (Hypnotic Finale) - Fun in a "the author doesn't understand hypnosis at all" kind of way.
Full Disclothes Her - Once again, ALWAYS read every word of a contract.  Still, fun little story.
The Funniest Joke in the World — Bimbo Version - Good Wishes gone wild humor, quite funny.
Funny Money - Quite enjoyable, not the best magic money story but a good one.

EMG's Favorite MC Stories - F(1)

The Facility (Alister Remm) - I enjoyed this story thoroughly just because of the direction it took, it could easily stop where it did or continue for many more chapters.
Fade to Black - A strangely touching story about a MCer that has to give it up to live.
Failing Upwards - Great fun, but I feel sorry for this poor guy.
Fall From Grace - How VERY VERY far she falls and so quickly.  Nicely written.
A Family in Need: A Mason DeGraves Story - If you're looking for deeply messed up, this is your story, otherwise pass.
Family Needs - An enjoyable story about a man with a "problem"
Feedback - Very fun and hot, definitely a worthy read.
A Fiddle Of Gold Against Your Soul - I'd always had a problem with this song for some of the reasons this story touches on.  Nicely fun.
Fifteen Years - An interesting time travel story.  Enjoyable not a ton of sex
The Figurine - Not bad, but far too short.
FIRE! - I'm not sure MC applies here, but it's a fun and bizarre story.
The First Gift - an enjoyable little story despite a few misspellings.
First Time Sublime - Obey my every word, such a dangerous thing if you're not careful.
Fishing - MC stories can be very hot and enjoyable and in reality, this is what anyone who actually tries it(on an unwilling partner) deserves.
A Fistful of Sand - Extremely long and VERY well written, plenty of sex and a good plot.  Definitely one of my favorites.
A Fistful of Sand 2: The Willing Slave - A nice interlude before the third installment
A Fistful of Sand 3—Resurrection - Good story, HORRIBLE ending.  If I'd known what was going to happen I'd have stopped after chapter 8 or partway through 9. Nothing gets resolved other than "that's another story"(that doesn't exist) It leaves you hanging in some of the worst ways and since it was written in 2007, I can't see it ever being concluded, there's a lot of bittersweet in these chapters.
Five Dollar Bets - Simple fun with bets, but enjoyable
Five More Minutes - Nice little hypnosis via hourglass story, no sex
Fixing Filthy Habits - Simple enjoyable hypnotic control, a shame it doesn't really work that way :)
Flashing Fergus - This definitely devolves quickly, and I think our MCer has more evil plans.
Flighttimes - A nice little airbound MC number, worthy of a second part.
A Flower for Mina - A very enjoyable read, part 2 is a lot better than the first part.
Flying High - A simple little story that's a fun read
Flyspeck - A fun little conversation between mind controllers about the future of the "industry"
Focus Group - A nice slow burn transformation.
Following Her Dream - A very good read, characters that are real people and some hot sex to boot.  Shadra did a great job.
Fond Memories - A nice little reprogramming sequence, she resists delightfully.
For a Good Time Call Lilly - exceptionally deviant, but I Like the ending.