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Humiliated Premature Ejaculator

This file will cause premature ejaculation, so much so that sex will eventually become nearly impossible and every time you try it will just humiliate you more and more.  An endless cycle of shame and humiliation as you never manage to please a partner sexually again.

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Please The Cock

This hypnosis file leaves the listener with a compulsive desire to please the first cock/dildo they see after listening to the file.  The thought of pleasing that cock will fill them with so much pleasure that nothing else in the world will be more important and they will do just about anything to please it.  Only once they are told they have been pleasing does the desire go away.

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Train Perfect Wife Subliminal

This subliminal is a complete update to EMG's popular Train Perfect Wife file and trains her to be the perfect wife at home and the perfect sex partner when you're alone. Completely inaudible it can be played any time.

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Bimbo Party Time

Ever seen those people that just simply let it all go at a party. The ones that flirt and dance and all that matters to them is having a good time. They wear tight clothes, they tease, they tempt and they party like there\'s nothing else in the world. That\'s what this file does to you, it erases your inhibitions faster than anything and leaves you living for this party and the next and the next...
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Responsible Slut

Are you a woman who wants lots of sex with many many partners, but don\'t want to ruin your life over it? This file will send your sex drive through the roof, get you to fuck strangers, and suck off your male friends. It will make you love sex for its own sake, and crave novelty and variety in your sexual partners. It will make monogamy almost inconceivable to you. It will NOT make you ruin friendships by fucking your \nfriend\'s husbands and boyfriends. It will not make you ignore your kids or job. You will be a raging slut and proud of it, but will be able to limit yourself in such a way as to maintain your life.
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Geek Slut

This is more potent than any of the bimbofication files you have seen on this site, but it has a twist. Instead of turning you into a mindless bimbo, the smarter you become; the more sexual you will be and vice versa. You will become so aroused by being smart that you will become the biggest slut you can imagine. Try it if you dare.
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Train Harem Girl

This will train a girl to be part of a harem of sex slaves. This is not a slave training file, though it could supplement them. This will remove any jealousy or resentment toward other slaves. She will enjoy the thought of her Master or Mistress having sex with other slaves and love watching it. She will think of the other harem slaves as sisters and friends. The file will make it easy for slaves to work together to serve their owner\\\'s will.
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24 Hours - Bimbo Slut

As you listen to this file you will find that your normal personality is pushed aside. Trapped inside of a part of you that is a complete and utter bimbo slut. When you wake up you\\\'ll be staring out the eyes of a bimbo slut as she does what she wants with no control over her at all. At least not for 24 hours. This file should work for men or women.
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The Slut Virus

This is a hypno-virus. This file infects the listener(male or female) with The Slut Virus. Their sex drive will soar, becoming a constant hunger and there is no cure. Once infected you WILL need sex. Be forewarned, like any good virus this one is contagious, pretty soon you will be passing it to others.

Curse Day Workaholic/Night Slut

A curse hhere during the day you are totally focused on your career and getting things done, but at 8PM every night you lose all focus on work and all that is left on your mind is sex and getting laid. (will work for men or women)
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Divine Slut

This file uses a short induction and a trance trigger so the body can be used once the trigger is completely set. The file brings out the divine slut in the listener. Making them crave depraved and humiliating sexual acts whenever it does not conflict with work or family. The need extreme sex becomes a relief for stress and depression and an important part of the listeners life. Desires caused by this file include sex with men or women, multiple partners, black men, slavery, dogs, bareback sex, circle jerks, sex with strangers. This is an intense file and not for the faint of heart.


this one makes you remove one item of clothing whenever someone says the trigger which is "strip time for you", after that every time you hear the word "strip" you will remove another item of clothing until you are naked at which point the word strip will arouse you. Stripping will be uncontrolable and the command will end when you hear "revert to normal."
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Curse Bimbo Slut

For men or women, lowers the listener's IQ and turns them into a bimbo and a slut, someone totally devoted to sex and being as sexual as possible. You will have safe sex with as many men as possible, finding someone to use and keep you and enlarge your breasts so you can look as slutty as possible. In time you will either end up in the porn industry or with someone that can make you a kept woman.


makes you masturbate until you cum when someone says "masturbation time for you," "revert to normal" will also stop you from doing it.


turns you into a Whore/Hooker when you hear "whore time for you" and back to normal again when you hear "revert to normal". You will have no conscious recollection of your time as a whore.
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This file destroys your sexuality rendering you totally asexual. Men, women, they are all the same to you as you will have no interest in sex with anyone or anything.

Experiment - Arousal

This is a loopable experimental file that can be listened to anywhere and borders on subliminal. EMG\\\'s voice is barely audible against some simple background music. The evil question is, does it work, and if so how aroused do you and everyone in the room get???
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Cum Dump Cravings

This file leaves the listener wanting and craving to be used as a cum dump. Not just as one in private but as one in public, at a bar or other public place. They want to be used sexually and covered with the cum of dozens of strangers leaving them violated and humiliated and loving every second.

Horny to fill your ass

Every time you get even slightly horny, you will have an almost burning desire to fill your ass. This sensation can only be relieved by inserting a phallus(preferably cock) deep into your ass giving you mind shattering orgasms.
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Subliminal Musclebound Cocksucker

This subliminal(only) file transforms you into a good boy that works out daily, is VERY obedient, and knows his place is serving men as a complete musclebound cocksucker.
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