Muscle Bear

This hypnosis file pushes you to become a true bear, it makes your body hair grow thick and dark while pushing you to exercise and become physically as strong as possible.  A true Man's Man with hair everywhere and muscles to boot.

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Diaper Logic Trap

This hypnosis file works on the fact that you know you want to wear diapers, you know you want to use diapers, this file uses a logical progression to make it so you have to wear diapers and you have to use them.  The logic is inescapable and so is the outcome, you will wear diapers, you will use them.

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EMG Slavery Logic Trap

The logic of this hypnosis file is irrefutable, you chose to listen so you must want to be enslaved, if you want to be enslaved then you must want to give up control of your mind, if you want to give up control of your mind then you have no choice, you have no choice but to obey EMG.  This is a rabbit hole only the brave should go down.

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Feminization Logic Trap

For whatever reason you chose to listen to this hypnosis file, you chose to accept what it might do to you and now bit by bit it uses logic to feminize you more and more until you can't be any other way.  Half an inch from a curse, this file is devious in it's relentless logic.

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Curse Extreme Hourglass

Ever dream of that perfect hourglass figure?  Ever want it to be more than perfect?  Ever want it to be downright extreme?  If so then this is the file for you, it rearranges your body until your tits ans ass are as huge as can be and your waist is positively tiny.  This IS a curse, don't listen lightly.  You have been warned.


If this is the file you want, go here:  Curse Obscene Hourglass