Shutting down Patreon

Because Patreon sees WMM and emghypnosis as sites that have content that violates their community guidelines I have withdrawn from their service.  All files due to be posted there will get posted here instead.

Beyond that I have 4 new studio files to post so there will be lots of new content in upcoming weeks, not all of it will be paid content. 

I've been working hard to update WMM and add new tools and there will also be some fun for EMGHypnosis at some point.

Anyway, that's what I've got today, time to go purge patreon from my youtube accounts.

Things are starting to come together

Let's see now.  Since I last posted I recorded 4 new files in a studio environment and posted them on patreon, that includes files for Slavery, Diapers, Feminization, and Transformations. I also posted to studio based inductions here on emghypnosis.

I intend to record 2 more files next week as I get more used to working in the studio space. 

I have also started a project to build 3 high quality files, I posted information about that on fetlife, wmm, and hypno-fetish.  If you want to be involved, take a look in one of those places for more information.

Oh, and I actually finished the gallery, that's right, 3 years in the making but it's up and running on warpmymind.

I also added a featured artist tab on warpmymind and we have a new simple search feature.  The next major feature will be a notification system so that you can subscribe to your favorite authors/file types and get notifications on your computer/email when a new file is posted.

So, I have been busy, and I intend to stay that way.  Look for more soon.


Time to get to work

Well, we've made it to March and I've actually made a few files, and worked on the website. 

There are currently 3 files on my Patreon pages that will be getting added to EMGHypnosis in the next couple weeks, if you haven't signed up, it'll be the quickest/cheapest way to get them.  Starting next week I will be working in a professional recording studio to record either 2 or 3 more files that will also get posted. 

I have updated EMGHypnosis to let our iPhone/iPad users to play the various files.  Be patient if you are using one of these devices, they don't start playing until they've been downloaded completely.

WMM has also seen some new work, I've added "Popular Authors" which is a list of the most downloaded authors in the last 30 days.  I'm working on other changes including a simple search from the home page, a Highly Rated which will display the authors with the highest rated files, and there's always a chance I'll get the Gallery running.  I guess we'll see.

If you have any ideas for files, future blog(audio or text), or anything else don't hesitate to reach out to me here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Back to Work

At the beginning of January I took on a new job, while the pay is good and I enjoy it, it seems to be cutting into my free time and that means less time to be evil.  Thus file making, website changes, and general evil have slowed down a bit.  Still, I'm starting to settle in, and I have managed to record a bit.

I am still making files and plan to finish 3 this month, they will go to my patrons first, then move here and WMM.

I'm still working my way through all the MC stories and expect I'll get to the end of P sometime late this month.

I've also got someone working on changes for WMM so you should see a few new things there(new job = more income = updates).

I may be doing presentations in September at a hypnosis conference, more about that as it comes together.

Guess that's it.

It's been too long

The holidays are upon us and I've been quite busy(except at at blogging).  In the past 2 months I've:

  • Added 2 new files to emghypnosis
  • Added File Announcements for EmgHypnosis
  • Fixed the broken files I uploaded to EMGHypnosis after someone told me they couldn't download them.
  • Created 5 patreon accounts to encourage/fund new content for all my sites.
  • Posted 80+ videos to my youtube channels (search for EMG Hypnosis) based on some of my more popular free files
  • Worked on fixing the FRIGGING gallery on WMM
  • Posted my first patron only file to the diaper based patreon account(feminization is next, but each category will get 1 unique file in the coming weeks)
  • Posted an entry for the MCstories
  • Had a cold and slept a lot.

I think that pretty much covers it.  There will probably be more posts here as I ramp up activity just about everywhere.  I do have a question.  For the patreon files, would people like me to:

  1. Just mention them in my blog
  2. Post the info in file announcements
  3. create a patreon tab with new file info there.

I haven't decided which I want to do yet so if you have an opinion this is your only chance to make it heard.


  • File Announcements

    This is where I intend to announce new files as I post them, the easiest place to find out what I've posted and when.