A Summer in Review

Labor day is over and it's been another LONG summer.  I'm really not sure how it happens but every summer seems a little longer than the one before.  I remember longing for them when I was a kid.  Now that I'm an adult I can't wait for them to be over just so I can get on with my life.

This summer was mostly filled with flxing websites(a small vacation, a trip to the edge of bankruptcy, and not nearly enough sleep)  I've decided to pass on website rebuilding and 0 paychecks in July next year.

EMGHypnosis is now fully back online, if you purchased any content before the crash, reach out to me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., give me information about what you bought that you might have and I'll see about restoring your access.

I do plan to do more work on EMGHypnosis, just because it's back, doesn't mean it's how I want it to be(V1 wasn't either).  So, one thing at a time, but it will happen.

I realized tonight that I have been working my way through the entirety of MCStories for over a year now and I've only made it to S(about 3/4 of the way through).  Based on that progress I should be done sometime in 2020.  I still don't know if I'll then try to catch up on missed content or not.  it gets a bit complicated if I do.

I REALLY do intend to record actual NEW content this month, I just have to fit it in between website work, prepping for Halloween(I run a haunted house), finding a reliable job, and getting regular exercise.  Piece of cake(oh, wait, I'm supposed to avoid that).

I think that pretty much wraps it up.

EMG Hypnosis Rebooted

Welcome Back!! 

On June 23 a catastrophic failure took out all my webservers, leaving me desperately restoring backups.  After battling for over a week to get everything back up I came to the realization that there was NO backup for EMGHypnosis or erotic-hypnosis-files.  I was NOT thrilled.

Since then I've been working hard to restore WMM(it comes first), Hypno-Fetish(still in progress), and finally EMGHypnosis.  This has NOT been a small thing.  Every blog post was pulled from the internet archive so that I could re-post them, I'm afraid that some chronology has suffered.  I had to fully rebuild and re-implement the entire website including importing 700+ hypnosis files from their original source.

Right now, it's getting closer and closer to being a working website and I hope to have it fully up sometime next week. 

Will I post more content?  That's the plan.

Will I keep reviewing MC Stories files.  Yep.

Do I plan on doing anything else with this site?  We shall see, that has been my intent but not everything I intend to do happens. 

Anyway, thanks to everyone for their support and patience the past couple months, rest assure, this will NOT happen again.


I really couldn't decide whether this belonged in my review of files on MC Stories or here but finally decided to put it here.


Recently while working through the S's I realized that there are certain stories that I cannot read.  That would be ones where the author can't go 3 words without some form of horrible grammar or an atrocious misspelling.  Now, I know that I am not a great writer and that my sentence structure can border on painful.  This is one of many reasons I don't write.  Still, if you're going to post something on a public forum, for the sake of all that is holy at LEAST run what you wrote through a spell checker!!!! I'm not a grammar nazi, but if spelling isn't your thing, find someone to proofread before you post!!  I don't care about to, too, two or simple mistakes but if you spell cunt - kunt I get an irrational desire to either strangle you or take your document, fix it, and send it back to you with detailed instructions on how spell checkers work and why to use them....  ARGH!!!!


Anyway, there will be a regular update in a few days, not much to say but I'll do it anyway.  Have a nice memorial day weekend and always make sure to only brainwash people that REALLY deserve it.

March - April in Review

I actually had not given up on this blog, I don't really want to stop it.  I'm never sure what I'll put in it before I start but I thought it was well past time to do an update.  Life got rather busy the past couple months, sadly not in the hypnotizing innocents and leading them into a world of corruption way but more of an I have a life outside theses websites way and it's sucking down a lot of my time.  So, let's start with updates:

Hypno-Fetish has been updated a couple times and the chat program appears stable even if not everyone is 100% happy with it.  I'm considering a move to a discord server, we shall see.

WMM - I have actually accomplished a bit here, I finally killed a bug that was keeping some users from posting uploads and we've done a lot of work to make the site easier to find on google etc.  Finally I updated the story and journal systems with tools to make writing posts quite a bit easier.

I don't know when I will be posting more files, I keep intending it to be soon but this week is already full and so is next week.  I have to rebuild my hand made bike after a weld failed and the table I'm building needs to be complete before I can do that.  Guess I should have spent more time collecting menial slaves to do all these things for me.  Oh, well, live and learn.

February - A Month in Review

Well, so much for productivity.  I tried to carry my energy from January over into February but it just didn't happen.  Between birthdays(3, none of them mine), Valentines day(I spend mine in San Francisco), regular work, and life in general there was pretty much only 1 accomplishment last month.

On the 16th we upgraded our servers to larger, faster machines that support all the websites I run.  We now have 4x the storage, 4x the memory, and a higher speed connection with unlimited bandwidth.

Most of the rest of the month was spent finding and fixing issues caused by the move but I'm fairly confident that just about everything is now working.

In March I intend to fix the Gallery on WMM, I also wish to record at least 2 files and make a few changes to emghypnosis, we shall see what happens and what doesn't.