Working my way into the new year

Well, 2018 is dead and buried and now it's time to start in on another new year.  I figure I'll post about once every 3 months on average, I'm hoping I post files a WEE bit more than that, I'd like to achieve 2-4 a month, we'll see how it plays out but so far I am ahead of schedule.  I've also made one upgrade to WMM and have arranged for a bit of a redesign of EMGHypnosis to make it look and work nicer.  As to Hypno-Fetish, I believe my next programming effort will be to add a rate-a-tist section to the site so people can get an idea of how good/bad/reputable the various tists(and subjects) are on the site.  Currently that is my next goal followed by some behind-the-scenes stuff on WMM.  We shall see, but I am hoping for a productive 2019.

Oh, and I fixed the problem with playing content on an iPhone, that should work until the next time I update the shopping cart system.

Just love the Holidays

Yeah, well, nanowrimo went about as well as it did the year before.  3K words out of 50K.  0 files recorded too.  That will change on that 18th I have studio time and there will be new content.  Also working on changes to WMM including posting videos of popular artists on youtube. So, we'll see if my creativity is ramping back up, or it's just another short term bout of competence.  :)  Either way, don't expect another update here till 2019(which puts me WAY ahead of Dr. Who)

A little humility

As you all know I've been working through MC stories and whenever I find a story I particularly like I tend to send feedback to the author.  The other day I read The Imp’s Revenge by AMOWAT  The story was written entirely in Limerics.  I enjoyed it and was a bit blown away by an author audacious enough to attempt a story entirely in that medium so I sent him this compliment:

Your Limericks I'm pleased to say
very nearly blew me away
Each joke and pun
left me clearly stunned
and an erection to last me all day.

Yeah, I thought I was clever until I got his response:

Reader pleasure's my only intention
So I thank you for giving it mention
But if your cock towers
For more than 4 hours
Please do go get medical attention

Needless to say I surrendered immediately.  Well done Sir, well done!

It's only been 7 months

Face it, I'm not a blogger, but I do have some plans and I hope they come together.  Mostly toys for WMM but I hope to produce a lot more content as we move into the new year.  I have been working on scripts and affirmations that will become available starting in January.  I guess we shall see.

Shutting down Patreon

Because Patreon sees WMM and emghypnosis as sites that have content that violates their community guidelines I have withdrawn from their service.  All files due to be posted there will get posted here instead.

Beyond that I have 4 new studio files to post so there will be lots of new content in upcoming weeks, not all of it will be paid content. 

I've been working hard to update WMM and add new tools and there will also be some fun for EMGHypnosis at some point.

Anyway, that's what I've got today, time to go purge patreon from my youtube accounts.


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