Evil Cuckold Fantasies

This hypnosis file make the listener obsessed with being cuckolded, so obsessed that in time they only way they can get off is by masturbating while watching their partner having sex with someone else.  This file is as bad as any curse files in that it slowly destroys your sexuality reducing it to your own desperate desires to watch your partner being fucked by other, better men.

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I Can't be a Bimbo

This Hypnosis file reminds you that the more you fight something the truer it may be.  I can't be a Bimbo starts with the logic that you aren't one and slowly convinces you that you are and that being a Bimbo is the only inevitable choice for someone who willingly listens to this file.  It is addictive and evil.

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Muscle Bear

This hypnosis file pushes you to become a true bear, it makes your body hair grow thick and dark while pushing you to exercise and become physically as strong as possible.  A true Man's Man with hair everywhere and muscles to boot.

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Curse Baby's Dinner

This curse file will make the listener prepare a baby's dinner for themselves every night for a month and then force them to either eat it like a baby(little/no motor control) or suck it from a baby bottle with an enlarged opening in the nipple.  That will be the only dinner they get an any attempt to circumvent the curse will add additional days to how long it lasts.  Once the 30 days are over the curse ends(unless you listen again).

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Diaper Logic Trap

This hypnosis file works on the fact that you know you want to wear diapers, you know you want to use diapers, this file uses a logical progression to make it so you have to wear diapers and you have to use them.  The logic is inescapable and so is the outcome, you will wear diapers, you will use them.

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