Cowgirl Anthro


When the trigger phase is said \"Milk Me\" the person will see themselves slowly turn into a cowgirl anthro creature. First their ears will change to long and short then their face change to that of a cow with a muzzle. White and black fur will sprout all over the body in random ways and another set of breasts will grow underneath the first set and as they both grow larger and larger (You can think how big during the transformation). Lastly you will feel a bump between your stomach and your private area were a udder will begin to grow and become larger (You can think how large you want your udder) than your 4 breasts. With all your milk producing areas you will slowly fill up with more milk, within 15mins (Transformation is complete within 5mins) from saying the trigger phase you will feel the need to express your milk you can see it you can feel it and you can even taste it by drinking straight from your nipples or teats. If a male uses this file they will first change into a female then to a cowgirl. To end this say the ending phase \"revert to normal\"
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