Welcome to EMGHypnosis

After running WarpMyMind.com for quite a while I've decided to build something a bit more personal.  This site is dedicated to my content and only my content. 

This is where I intend to post new files after I create them for my Patreon subscribers.  To that end I have created 5 Patreon accounts, 1 for each of the major types of files I make.  They are:

Files created for the Patreon account(s) will be added to emghypnosis 1 month after they are made.  Some will be pay files, some will be free.  If you want them cheap, sign up now :)

This is where I intend to write about whatever crosses my mind.

This is where I intend to test ideas that might not fit on WMM.

If you're looking for EMG, this is where you'll find him.